Many of us have the hobby of petting dogs. Though we pet dog for the sake of our hobby, the dog is very beneficial for us. In many cases, the dogs play a security role in our home or some other asset. The dog has a great reputation as a faithful animal. In ancient time, the dog was the best companion of the kings and the emperors.

The dog never deceived to its master and they fought as like as a lion against the enemy in case their master has fallen in any danger. Dogs have played an important role in many war cases. So there is no chance to underestimate the dog. The dog also needs embellishments. The real beauty of something blossoms after embellishment. As we humans need our hair cut, as well as the dog also needs a haircut.

By this, the increasing beauty of the dog gets multiplied. Those who pet dogs try to carry out different stylist haircut for their dog. Those who usually spend a lot of money taking their dog to the grooming center every time they carry out a haircut for their dog. It costs them around 20 to 30 dollars. But those who do not have much money, they do not have the opportunity to carry out the haircut for their dog taking it to the dog grooming center every time.

Would that stop them to get their dog a nice haircut? Where there are problems there are also solutions to the problems too. Considering your necessity some companies launch dog clippers in the market. With the help of these, you can get your dog a nice haircut easily. It will let you not take your dogs to the dog grooming center every month and spend money.

we are going to discuss here the best dog clippers for matted hair. These are really useful for dogs. Take a look at some of the best dog clippers for matted hair.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (2022 Updated)

Product NameQualityPrice
Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers By CyricoA
Best Trendy Professional Dog ClippersA
Andis UltraEdge Professional Grooming ClipperA
punada Professional 5-Speed Pet Grooming ClippersA
ColPet Pet Electric ClipperB

What Is Dog Clipper?

Dog clipper is actually a kind of electronic device for a dog haircut. It runs on power and there is a battery inside it. There is a sharp blade on the head of the clippers, which quickly moves through the power. Anything like coats that comes inside the blade gets cut away.

It is quite similar to the Moser we use. With the Moser we used to cut away our beard and mustache, in the same way with the clipper we can cut away the dog coats. It is a very simple and effective electronic device for dogs.

Why Dog Clipper Is Necessary?

To enhance the beauty of the dog, it needs regular grooming for the dogs. A haircut is one of the important parts of grooming. Everyone wants to see his beloved dog look beautiful. The noble people brought their dogs to the grooming center and get their dogs a beautiful hair cutting.

Every time they spend a considerable amount of money. But those who belong to middle-class family like me and do not have the ability to take their dog to the grooming center every month, would not they do grooming for their dog.

Obviously, their dog needs grooming and that is why people of the middle class need dog clippers more. However, the rich also can use this. In total, the dog clipper is very much important for the haircut of dogs.

How To Use Dog Clipper?

There is no necessity to be an expert to use dog clippers. It is very simple to use. Before using dog clippers, brush your dog coats with a comb. It will make all the coats equal. So the clipper will cut away the coats equally. But one thing, before brushing your dog it is good to carry out a bath to your dog. After that, get ready with a clipper for your dog.

At first, make sure that the battery of the clipper has enough charge. Charge the battery if the clipper contains low charge. Then check whether the blade has enough sharpness and working properly or not. Because in many cases the blades contain rust and it hurts your dog.

After that, fondle your dog and lie it down on the ground. When the dog is lying down calmly, turn on the clipper’s switch and carefully run it on the whole body of the dog. Cut the coats equally all around. It will look much beautiful. Hopefully, you understand the whole thing clearly.

The 5 Best Dog Clippers For Matted Hair Reviews

Since the number of dogs in the developed world is high, so dog clippers are also more demanding. Taking the advantage of this huge demand for dog clippers, many companies are bringing low-quality clippers into the market.

Using this is nothing but a waste of money. Apart from those, there are many good electric dog clippers manufacturing companies in the market.  We have presented here the best dog clippers for matted hair according to the opinion of electronics experts. So take a look at the best dog clippers of the time.

1. Best Overall: The Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers By Cyrico

Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

Professional Heavy Duty 2-Speed Turbo Dog Grooming Clippers Kit is one of the best dog clippers for those dogs who have matted. This is a very renowned product on Amazon though there you can find all the other best dog clippers for matted hair.

It has 2 speedy blades containing turbo. It’s too quick to cut the dog’s coats. This is very effective especially for those dogs that have heavy coats. It has LED indicator. It will let you understand its inner condition. You can guess what is happening inside looking at the indicator. can see what’s going on in the transit. The vibration and the noise level of this clipper are very low.

The dogs will not get afraid because the sound of the vibrator is not so loud. There are several switches for controlling the speed. You can conveniently run it at any speed level. The cover of this is made of metal which is not easily breakable. So you can move it freely and can take it anywhere. Inside it, there is a lithium battery.

If you want, you can run directly from the power connected to the cord or you can just run it with only the battery without electricity. Its improved battery can store charges for a long time so there is no fear of running it during the load shedding. Even if you do not have electricity in your home, there will be no problem in cutting away the dog’s coats with the use of its accumulated charge. The sound of the turbo of this is also symphonic.

You are getting lots of features in this tiny product. Though it has lots of features the price of this is very low. Oh sorry! we forgot to say, it does not take a long time for the battery to be fully charged, though the capacity of the battery is very high. The battery gets fully charged in just 3 hours and gives 300 minutes of backup. Let us know some unknown facts about this clipper here.

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2. Best Value: BESTTRENDY Professional Dog Clippers

Best Trendy Professional Dog Clippers

Another good clipper for dog hair cutting is the Best Trendy Professional Dog Clippers. The advantage of this clipper is that it can be used for both dog and cats at the same time. This clipper made by them is actually a complete package for cutting away the hair and coats of dogs and cats. Inside the clipper, you will get the razor, trimmer, blade, comb, and scissors. That means all in one.

When the hair or the coats of the dog is at random, then you will be able to make the coats equal with the comb inside it and cut away the coats with the Clippers, while in some places the Clippers do not work, you can cut the coats away with the scissors, and if necessary, you can make it fully hairless with the razor fixing the blade. Although there are so many advantages, its price is very low. And the noise is very low while you run it. As a result, the dog will not get afraid.

If the noise is high, sometimes dogs run away for fear. It does not have that risk. It has a good quality rechargeable battery inside it which allows you to work without a cord. Actually putting the connection on the cord and making the dog sit at the same place at the time of hair cutting is a lot of troublesome things. Instead, it’s better to recharge the clipper and cut the dog’s hair in a convenient place.

You can enjoy this feature very well by using it. The advantages of this clipper are more than the price which made it the hot product on Amazon among all the best dog clippers for matted hair. Find out more about their remarkable product here.

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3. Premium Choice: Andis Ultraedge Agc 2 – Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

Andis UltraEdge Professional Grooming Clipper

One of the best dog clippers is UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper made by Andis among all the best dog clippers for matted hair you will find in the market. These electronics dog clippers made by them have already responded positively to the dog owners.

Especially those who have a dog with heavy hair need to take it must. This is built by shatterproof Casing. If the dog runs suddenly, then there is no fear of breaking it falling down on the floor. Likewise, it will not break if it falls from the top. Inside there is a built-in cord.

So you do not have to worry about plugging the cord repeatedly. Once you plug the cord in then it will continue to work. The sharp blade of this clipper will let you cut away any type of hair and coats of your dog.

The price this is relatively high. However, it is the best of the best quality clippers. So try to buy the best one even if you need to pay a bit high price. Once you buy it at a higher price, it will be worth using for several years. It contains detachable blades inside so that you can remove or attach the blades you need anytime.

All kinds of combs are available in it no matter the blade is thin or thick. You can use either of the ones when you need it. Andis does not produce so-called products like others. They make the product with the highest emphasis on quality. That is why their dog clippers got so much popularity. You can take their dog clippers even closing your eyes. Find out more about Andis dog clippers here.

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3. Best Professional: Punada Professional 5-Speed Pet Grooming Clippers

punada Professional 5-Speed Pet Grooming Clippers

This Punada professional 5-Speed Pet Grooming Clipper is another exceptional dog clipper among the best dog clippers for matted hair. This is an exceptional clipper for that where other clippers contain 2 speeds but here this clipper contains 5 speeds. 

That means you can change the speed of the clipper according to your wish. And yes, there are all common features in it like others. You will get the LED Screen Indicator, Intelligent Protection in it. And if you buy this professional dog clipper you can also use it both for cats and horses as well. That is something like killing two birds with one stone.

It can be usable with the same capability of cutting away heavy hair. It also can vanish matted hair within a shorter time. Buying it will not only get you a dog clipper, but you will get the full exclusive dog grooming accessories set.

The whole package contains scissors, comb, extra blades, and much more inside. This is a total all in 1 dog grooming package. It has been used stainless steel on the cover. As a result, there will be no problem if it falls in the water. And the cord of the clipper is removable so you will not have to follow the dog all the time. Once the battery is recharged, then the charge lasts long.

So you do not have to charge it repeatedly and you can work without hassle with it. The entire body contains electronic protection. There is no fear of being electrified. So we presented some of the information about this all-in-one clipper.

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5. The Colpet Pet Grooming Clipper

ColPet Pet Electric Clipper

This clipper is totally different from the above 4 best dog clippers for the matted hair clipper that I have mentioned. And you will understand after viewing the features of this clipper why this is different from others.

This ColPet Pet Electric Clipper CP-PC01 Rechargeable Cordless Waterproof Pet Grooming Clippers for Dogs and Cats is totally waterproof for which there is no fear if it falls in the water. No damage will occur at all to the motor or electronic components inside of this clipper.

This product is made by the best electronics engineers with quality materials maintaining strict observation in the production time. There is no fear to harm your dog using this. Basically, Colpet is famous for manufacturing pet electronics devices. They usually produce everything after conducting research on pet behavior.

This is rechargeable so you can use this without connecting it to the power line with the cord. It contains a very high-quality lithium-ion battery that let you use it for a long time charging it once. The price of this clipper is very low though this is waterproofed. The biggest convenience of this is that you can use it taking on hand easily.

It is also very good for cutting matted hair because it has a sharp blade and controlled motor speed which cut away hair smoothly. Due to its low price and the waterproof opportunity it has gained much popularity among lots of people.

Those who cannot afford expensive clippers may try out this since it will give you almost all the sophisticated features. Let us see some more beautiful features of this beautiful clipper here.

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What to Look for When Buying Dog Clippers for Thick Coats

All the dogs are not on same nature and characteristics. Someone have long or short hair, someone belongs to thick and matte coated hair, so clipper can be used by depending on their skin and hair coat. Following functions should be included in clipper that you can consider for looking a dog clipper:

  • Blade speed: For grasping your dog hair a speedy sharp blade is needed, otherwise your dog can get pull on hair that damage the skin and caused fall of hair. So, blade should have a faster speed.
  • Heat: Generally stainless still or carbon blades are more available that heated fast by using but ceramic blade should be avoided is broken easily after heated. You need to buy an extra blade or o cooling spray, if it possible to get high heat after using gradually.
  • Noise level: Dog’s sound frequency is more than a human. But your dog can get irritating feel if you use a highly sounded clipper that you should notice.
  • Run time: Need to ensure it has a long-lasting battery pack, if you choose cordless-style clippers. In the middle of the process of working, you can’t change your battery dying, so it will be notice to strong battery power.
  • Casing material: Casing material will be necessary when dog’s needs casing shatters that are made by plastic is more expensive to use.
  • Cost: Much cost leads much quality but different costing clippers are remained at our stock that is occasional or regular using clipper, you buy as our need.

How to Remove Matted Hair with Dog Clippers?

You can take your dog to a professional groomer that is safer who is experienced to cut matting hair. But if you think that you can brush out the matted thick hair, then clipper helps to increase your confidence that save your money costing and also bank. During matting, you should check your clipper blade to notice the temperature that may harm your dog.

My Dog Is Scared. How Do I Prepare Them for Removing Mats?

Take some time for preparing your dog to accept removing mats. Give him patience training within some minutes randomly so that it can enjoy during removing mats. You can offer him some tasty food and keep him away from loud areas for safely removing mats. When your dog is gentle and clam, then you feel it’s a suitable time for cleaning mats.

FAQs About Heavy-Duty Dog Clippers for Matted Hair

 Can I use regular clippers to remove matted hair?

Yes, you can. Regular use is not a harmful process for your dog. If a dog have thick fur or matted hair, by using this regularly you can get a good result to clean your dog. Clipper is best easy process to groom our dog.

Do I need heavy-duty dog clippers if my dog has long hair?

If your dog has a thick undercoated and matted hair, then it’s no required to use heavy duty clippers. But dog that has thick fur heavy duty clipper might be needed.

Do I need to sharpen my dog clippers?

Sharp clippers leads to remove hair easily, even if a dog pull the hair. Still or copper clipper’s blade sharpening is not needed, but the ceramic blades are not so sharp but familiar for its color. But after a long time using this, it will be happened to decrease the sharpness, so you have a option to sharp them by attached sharpener.

How long do dog clippers last?

Clippers longevity and durability depends on their quality and using process, you should follow some issues that help lasting a clipper. After removing hair you should clean hair from clipper, then wash it and dry properly. Keep away from any water pot. In a word, if you able to maintain it properly that leads a long lasting clipper.

Why do dog clippers get hot?

If clipper becomes hot, use a cooling spray or decrease the speed of blade that helps to control your heated clipper. Clippers may hot for the intense portion happening between the two blades. Higher-quality clippers will cut hair faster and also tend to heat up faster because of their high speed that you can control by generating motor of clipper.  

Is removing matted hair painful?

Removing matted hair is not more painful but your dog can get feeling irritated after using brushes or clipper. But you have to know proper using on dog that are matted and quality tools remove matted hair within a short time and very simply.

Final Words

We have a long discussion above about 5 best dog clippers for matted hair. All the products are so good that there is no point in taking those as low quality and do not avoid to buy those clippers. Electronics experts usually suggest those mentioned products judging the internal components properly.

And pet experts also opined that there is no harm in dogs using those clippers. That is why you can buy those for increasing the beauty of your dog. Especially if you do not have the ability to go to dog grooming center every month you must have to buy the dog clippers.

You have the freedom of choosing any one of the above-mentioned clippers according to your preference. But we would like to recommend you to take the one with the higher price if you do not have the budget problem.

Because the quality and service of those are so good that you can use those for a long time without bearing any inconvenience. Hoping you will be happy using those clippers and surprise all getting your loving pets the best haircut. 

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