Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Shih-Tzu

There are lots of breeds of dogs in the world. The number of breeds will be above 200. Depending on breed, a dog’s grooming system also differs. There are lots of things in grooming. A haircut cut is one of those grooming. If you give your dog a nice haircut, the dog looks very beautiful.

Dog clippers are required to give your dog a nice haircut. Each breed of dog has a different kind of coat. Shih-Tzu is one kind of dog breed. The hairstyle of this breed is completely different. That is why they require a specific type of dog clippers. The producers produce different types of dog clippers for dogs of the Shih-Tzu breed.

Since you are new in this sector, you may not know about the perfect clippers. You may not know which clipper will be good for Shih-Tzu. Keeping your need in our mind, we will write reviews for the best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu.

We will discuss in detail the best five clippers in our review. Then you will understand which one will be good for you. Let us start the original discussion here now.

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Why Are Grooming Clippers Needed?

The coat of the dogs of the Shih-Tzu breed is very thriving. Their coat grows up very quickly. If it continues to grow, it exceeds the tolerable level at a certain time. Then the excess coat increasingly becomes harmful to the dog’s body. On the other hand, the dogs seem too ugly to look at.

But with a nice haircut, you can increase the beauty of your loving dog. With all the beautiful haircuts the dogs look really different and exciting. And for cutting the hair or coat of your dog, you need dog grooming clippers.

Dog grooming clippers are really excellent for hair or coat cutting. That is why you have to take clippers for your dog grooming.

Our Top 5 Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Shih-Tzu

Our today’s review is about the best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu. You will find many varieties of dog clippers on the market. Not all of those are good in quality. And the other fact is that you cannot cut the dogs’ coat like Shih-Tzu. Now you might think about which the best clippers are.

Today’s write-up is for giving you that guideline. We will talk about both the positive and negative aspects, product features, and many more in detail. Let us start with a detailed review of the best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu.

1. Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clipper for Dogs

Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Shih-Tzu

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clipper has always been in the first row to produce good quality dog clippers. For Shih-Tzu breed dogs, they also have made high-quality clippers.

In this high-quality clipper, they have used a rechargeable high-quality lithium-ion battery which will give you backup of 90 minutes. There is a cordless facility available in it so that you will not have to carry the additional cable.

It has 5 in 1 blade facility. This means that you can enjoy 5 types of blades in one. It is very light in weight so if it drops from your hand mistakenly your dogs will not get hurt. Apart from this, its noise is so low that the dogs will not be able to understand that there is a clipper running in its body. As the blade is very sharp, it can cut the coat in a moment.

You will get a 1-year warranty with it. Considering all these facts, we did not have any other option rather than including it in our today’s best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu review. You can choose it without thinking much.

Key Features

  • A powerful high-quality lithium battery lasts up to 90 minutes.
  • It is very light in weight and cordless, so easy to carry
  • This product is so quiet that it will not disturb your pets.
  • 5-size blades those are very sharp
  • It’s made in America, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

In our view, you can choose this product if you want to run with a long backup. Because there are not many clipper producers who can offer this much longtime backup. You will get different size blades with it. They have very good reviews on Amazon. So you can choose this nice clipper for haircutting without worrying much.

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2. Oster A5 2 Speed Clipper for Dogs

Oster A5 2 Speed Clipper

Oster A5 2 Speed Clipper is one of the best quality dog clippers not only for the thick coat of dogs but also for almost all types of pets. The blade of this beautiful clipper is detachable so you can put the blades of any size. With this, you will get the running facility at two speeds. That means you can control the speed of understanding the situation.

It moves the blade at the speed of 3000-4000 rpm, so you can cut any type of coat in a moment. You will get the maintenance accessories with it, and you will also get an extra cleaning brush. Besides, there is a rechargeable battery system in it. If you buy it, you can use it for all types of pets.

So considering all these facilities, we did not think twice about including it in our today’s best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu reviews. You can choose this beautiful clipper to enjoy a lot of benefits at the same time together. This is a lovely clipper for cutting coats of Shih-Tzu breeds.

Key Features

  • The machine has two speeds: 3000-4000 strokes per minute.
  • This clipper is an excellent choice for grooming pets of all kinds.
  • The Oster clipper comes with a 10-piece blade set and lubricating oil.
  • Blades are extremely sharp, so you can have a well-cut look.

This will be the ideal clipper for you if you want a speedy clipper. Because the rpm of this motor is very high. All the features we have mentioned here are pretty helpful. It will be a good companion for your dog grooming. So we will suggest you buy it without listening to others.

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3. Punada Dog Clippers

Punada Dog Clippers

It will be one of the best dog grooming clippers for those who want speed variation. Because they have offered the 5-speed turbo in it. So you can run it at 5 speeds. The additional advantage of this is that it has an LED screen indicator. 

For that, you can understand the load conditions. This is specially made for thick-haired dogs like Shih-Tzu. Normal clippers cannot cut thick hair. But it has been made so that thick and dense hair can be cut in a moment. And the battery backup of this nice clipper is very strong. You can run it easier for up to 4 hours without electricity.

And with this, they are giving premium gift packs. So if you take it, you do not have to take grooming kits separately. That is why we have presented it in discussing the best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu. If you can buy this good-quality grooming clipper, you will get a lot of things together.

Key Features

  • A powerful battery that can give backup up to 4 hours
  • It is 2 speeds professional pet grooming clipper.
  • The LED screen indicator makes it easy to use.
  • It has a powerful motor that can fire 7,000 rounds per minute.
  • There is a premium gift pack with it.

Can you imagine how good the quality battery of the product is if the product can run for 4 hours without electricity? You will not get 4 hours backpack in any clipper. It is one of the best dog clippers on the market. You can buy it without any hesitation.

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4. Andis Proclip Agc2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis is one of the legendary producers for producing dog clippers. All the pet clippers made by them have earned much popularity. They also have good reviews on Amazon. Its advantage is that you can run it at 2 speeds. And the blade is detachable.

That means you can set any type of blade you want. The body of this wonderful dog clipper is made of very high-quality materials and the weight is very light. With this, you can cut not only the thick coat of dogs like Shih-Tzu but also the hair or coat of any breed.

You just need to put the blade according to the breed. And its cord is just 14 inches, so you can go everywhere taking the cord. That is why we included this clipper in our today’s best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu review. It is a premium quality product. We can assure you that if you buy this nice clipper, you will not be the loser.

Key Features

  • The unit has 2 speeds—slow and fast.
  • The clipper is lightweight and quiet, so it does not annoy dogs.
  • Because it is designed for use on all kinds of pets, the blades are detachable.
  • It has a small size portable cord.
  • Its Housing is Shatterproof, so it is safe to use.

If you want to do professional dog grooming, this product is for you. Because it has a detachable blade facility. So you can set the perfect blade to it whatever breeds of dogs the clients bring to you. They did not make any mistakes in terms of quality for this professional clipper. Choose this clipper to make your professional dog grooming life joyful.

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5. Pettech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

We have listed the PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit at the last number of our reviews. It is not a big factor to place it at the last number but in terms of quality and performance, it is the same as those clippers we have mentioned above.

They offer a lot of benefits together in it. It can be said that they are offering a complete set of dog grooming kits box in the name of the clippers. There is a rechargeable battery in it that gives the backup for a long time. And if you want to charge the battery, you can take off the cord.

The noise of this clipper is so low that dogs cannot understand that you are cutting their hair. Its motor speed of it is much higher, so you can cut the thick hair of Shih-Tzu in a moment. Although it is cheaper in price, the quality is quite good.

The big advantage of this is that you will get a lifetime warranty. That is why we could not keep it out of our best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu review. This is one of the best quality dog clippers if you consider all the opportunities, comforts, and price.  So try this clipper because you can cut the thick hair of Shih-Tzu easily.

Key Features

  • It is very cheap in price and affordable for everyone.
  • The high-quality battery allows for a long backup time.
  • It is quiet because of its low vibration and noise levels.
  • The blade is sharp and can cut through any coat.
  • They are offering a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

If you do not have any warranty on a product, then many times it can be seen that you have to spend much money on servicing. But you will get the warranty facility in it. You will be able to use the clippers freely, and if it stops functioning, they will repair it for free of charge.

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Buyer’s Guide-Purchasing the Best Clippers for Shin Tzu

Clippers are the most important tools for dog grooming that should be qualitative and manageable, so you should analysis some criteria before buying this.

Type of Hair

Different types of clippers are needed for Shih-Tzu. Naturally, Shih-Tzu has a long hair coat that can knots form and tangled sometimes, so it’s needed to keep grooming tools near at hand. Before choosing one types of the clipper, some criteria should be included at your choosing list:


Two types of power clippers are available. You can choose as your need. Corded and cordless powers are the main clippers that you can select any one.


A corded power trimmer is mostly effective if you want a constant power source and it’s lighter in weight. Not easy to move and handle this corded clipper so that it can directly plug in an electric power source. These types of clippers are so much important for a group of dogs that makes trimming easy and faster.

But there is also a dangerous issue with using a corded clippers, sometime it may hamper for their life, only reason is chewing habit of them. During trimming, they can bite on a corded clipper that supplies the electric power, so there is a chance to danger.

Battery Powered or Cordless Clippers

These types of clippers are heavier in weight than corded clippers. These clippers have free movement features that makes easy to trim. But there is a problem also to recharge it again, if the battery fall down at the middle path of trimming that leads a haphazard to dogs.

Sometimes, if your clipper is so much old, after falling down the battery, you can’t find out of it at the market. But these clippers are more reasonable in price than corded, you can definitely choose it if you are an owner of one or twice dogs.


Trimmer weight varies in size and features. Included more features can increase the weight of the clipper. Heavy weighted clipper is not easy to handle and use. But having a highly powered motor is the reason of heavier clippers.

Light weighted clipper means the inferior motor is attached. Heavy-weighted clippers are good for highly speedy trimming, but for the special and sensitive parts of the body, light weighted clippers are best to use forever.


Some clippers are so noisy that create a boring moment during trimming both of dog ad its owner. So much disturb feels the dog and can loss their attention to the groom. Sometimes, they can be afraid to hear this much noise.

So, owners must select a low leveled noise-making clippers. A soundless one is not possible to get at all. But you must consider the noise level before buying your needed one.


You must notice about other accessories when you will buy a set of clippers. For getting a professional look of your dog, you just need to get other accessories like scissors, comb, scale, etc. otherwise, you won’t reach your goal of getting a good look.

You can do your own job without finding any third party that will lose your money and time. These accessories help you do your job like a professional groomer who satisfies your mind.


If you are a new one to trim, you must follow the instruction that helps you to reach your final goal. Following instructions increases the durability of your clippers, which saves your product. Complete instruction can easy your work and fulfill your working process.

Replacement Blades

Some buyers give offers to replace blades after using, but it may be good if the product quality is good. A replacement offer is a demanded offer that you should hire to save your money and time.

Final Thoughts

We have already given you ideas about the best dog grooming clippers for Shih-Tzu. And we will finish our review by writing a few more words. We have listed five dog grooming clippers in our discussion considering different categories of people.

We can assure you that all the clippers that we have mentioned above are of good quality clippers. We have discussed each product’s product descriptions, facilities, and features at separate points.

If you read all the reviews carefully, you will understand which one is perfect for you. It is difficult for us to suggest to you any single or a specific dog clipper because each person has a different taste or choice.

We think, first of all, you need to see the features and match your needs and then buy a clipper. Take care of your Shih-Tzu and enhance the beauty of your loving dog, getting it a nice haircut with the clippers. It is all for today. Stay tuned.

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