The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Perfect Gift for New Dog Owners!

Perfect Gift for Your New Dog

Your friend is going to get a new dog very soon, and you are looking for some gift ideas to give him or her? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some ideas for you to choose from as we want this guide to be one of the best resources available for new dog owners. We’ve spent some time researching and gathering gifts from various sources, including things that will help keep your dog clean, cute customized items such as pet jerseys or slides, or something just for fun, like an automatic treat dispenser. 

This list comes in handy, as you’ll find some great gift ideas for first puppy owners here!

Best Gifts for New Dog Owners

Gifts for new dog owners can be difficult to find. There is everything they need for their new pet, so it’s hard to know what will be appreciated and what won’t.

Here are our top gifts for new dog owners. These gifts are sure to make new dog parents feel special:

1. Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Bed for Dogs

Your dog will be delighted by our exclusive bed for dogs. Made in classic design, the bed is equipped with a unique cushion that provides excellent orthopaedic support and relief from the stresses of hard flooring. The fabric surface is easy to clean and very durable.

2. Puppy Pads

 Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are the preferred choice for puppy training. These puppy pads have a waterproof core and soft, quilted top that are perfect for dogs of all ages, from 6 weeks old.

3. Dog Grooming Kit

This dog grooming kit is an excellent option for busy pet owners. It includes scissors, a comb and several other useful small items to keep your pet looking their best!

4. Doggy Door

Keep your pet happy, safe and secure. The Doggy Door is designed for a secure fit on most standard doors. It is built from 100% heavy-duty plastic components.

5. Dog Toys

We have the best dog toys, made in fun shapes and bright colours. Our dog toys will entertain your dog while they play and make them feel good!

Cute Gifts for New Dog Owners

If you’re a dog lover and know someone who just got a puppy, here are some cute gifts to get them!

1. Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners that help your dog’s coat and skin stay healthy.

2. Dog Carrier

When you want to bring your dog with you, check out the Dog Carrier. This carrier is comfortable, portable and perfect for a day showing off your dog on the go.

3. Dog Water Bottle

 Keep your dog hydrated on long walks with the Dog Water Bottle. Easy to fill and lightweight, this water bottle features a convenient strap clip to attach it easily to your belt or bag.

4. Personalized Dog Canvas

Dog lovers will love receiving a personalized dog canvas! Personal photos of family or friends can be used as a backdrop for home decor. Bright colors make your photo pop!

5. Dog Cookie Cutters

These great looking dog cookie cutters are steel, have a stainless finish and are dishwasher safe. Each set comes with one large dog and two small dogs.

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Unique Gifts for New Dog Owners

It is delightful to have a new dog in the family.

These unique gifts for new dog owners will make your life easier if you’re the proud parent of a new puppy!

1. Dog Treat Jar

The cute jar is perfect for storing treats, food, or even kibble! It has a locking lid, so only your dog can get into it! 

2. Pawprint Pet Pillow 

Any pet lover would love this pillow, especially if they have a dog or cat! There will be smiles on everyone’s faces when they see their favourite animal on it!

3. Dog Calendar 

Dog Shaming 2022 Wall Calendar

A fun and unique calendar for your pet lover friend who just got a new

4. DNA Kit for Dogs

You can use the Dog DNA Ancestry Kit to find out more about dog breeds and choose the one that’s best for you by obtaining an accurate canine DNA ancestry report.

5. GPS Dog Tracker

GPS tracking is the best method for tracking your dog. Pet GPS tracking can ensure that you never worry about your beloved pet getting lost again!

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Useful Gifts for A New Dog Owner

A new dog owner can always use more stuff for their pup. Here are some of our best useful gifts for a new dog owner:

1. Dog Crate

This is one of the most important things you can buy when you bring home a new puppy. It’s not just for training purposes; it’s also for safe transport if you ever need to take your dog somewhere in your vehicle.

2. Dog Treats

Even if your friend already has a bag full of treats at home, they’ll probably appreciate another one (or two) as they’re trying to figure out what their pup likes best!

3. Dog Grooming Supplies

You will need grooming supplies as soon as you adopt a puppy. You will need shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and many others.

3. Dog Training Books

A book on basic training skills is always useful for any

Funny  Gifts for New Dog Owners

When you’re shopping for a new dog owner, you probably know that there are many different gift options. Some fun ones will make them smile.

Here are some funny gifts for new dog owners:

1. Funny Dog T-Shirts

We love these funny t-shirts because they’re perfect for men and women who love their dogs. The perfect one for your style can be found in various colours and sizes!

2. Dog Lover Coffee Mug

These cute coffee mugs are perfect for any new dog owner who loves their four-legged friend! They come in several different colours, so there’s sure to be something that suits your taste.

3. Dog Lover Socks

When it comes to gifts for new dog owners, we always recommend giving socks! These socks are perfect because they feature adorable pictures of dogs and phrases like “I’m not lost, I’m exploring” and “I’m all barking, no bite.” They’re also made of soft cotton, so they’ll feel great on your feet!

4. Doggie Bibs

Protect your pet’s clothing with cute and funny dog bibs. They’re great gifts for pet lovers and protect your furniture from messy pets.

5. Dog Collars

You will likely need a dog collar. Dog collars make it easy to keep your dog’s ID tag where it can be easily read and help ensure that your pup stays safe on walks.

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Clever Gifts for New Dog Owners

You know that dogs are good at making their owners happy if you have a dog. These clever gifts will do the same for your new dog parent!

1. Doggy Headphones

If you love your dog but hate the sound of them barking all night, these Doggy Headphones are for you. They allow you to listen to your iPod and drown out their annoying noises at the same time!

2. Dog Camera

 Dog Camera allows you to see the world in your dog’s eyes. With Dog Camera, you can check up on your dog when you are not at home, keep an eye out for burglars and intruders, and reassure yourself that everything is OK.

3. Dog Hoodie

Your dog will love this hoodie! A great new way to keep your dog warm on those cold days.

4. Pooch Selfie

The Pooch Selfie is a simple, hands-free way to capture the perfect photo of you and your pup. You’ll never need to ask strangers or family members for help again! Clip Pooch Selfie on your dog’s collar and snap away.

5. Dog Food and Water Bowl

Humans eat less than dogs, so you have to feed them high-quality food that won’t make them sick later in life. Quality food is important for dogs.

Memorable Gifts for New Dog Owners

Here are some great ideas for memorable gifts when you celebrate the new dog owner or are just looking for a gift idea:

1. Subscription to BarkBox

Give the gift of fun! The BarkBox is a monthly delivery of toys, treats and chews designed by the makers of BarkLabs™ with your dog’s needs in mind.

2. Fun Dog Toy

This will be your dog’s favourite toy!  It is lightweight yet durable and floats in water.  The textured surface also makes it perfect for squeaky noises.

3. Pawty Tags

Pawty tags harness the power of social media to allow dog lovers to connect and share photos, videos, and information about their pets.

4. Dog Note Cards

Show off your love of dogs by writing a note on these cute note cards.

5. Puppy Training Dvd Set

Puppy training has never been more accessible. Our Puppy Training DVD set is a step by step guide to help you train your puppy quickly and effectively.

 Customizable Gifts for New Dog Owners

 Dogs are a lot like kids. They need clothes, toys, beds, and food. Our list of the best customizable gifts for new dog owners will make things easier for you.

1. Dog Blanket

 When your Terrier, Maltese or any small dog sleeps, a dog blanket can keep them warm and comfortable. They’re soft, plush, and machine washable!

2. Dog Ornaments

Your dog lover friend will love these festive dog ornaments. They are available in various dog breeds so that everyone can find their favourite.

3. Dog Doormat

You can wipe off your paws before entering the house with this doormat at the front door of your home.

4. Dog Food Scoop

Using our dog food scoop, pick up the perfect amount of kibble. A durable mesh scoop scoops up dog food, litter and more with an easy squeeze handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Consider when Choosing a Gift for A New Dog Owner?

A new dog owner is simply someone who has recently adopted a dog. Buying a gift for a new dog owner can be tricky because it’s hard to figure out what they need or even want.

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a gift for a new dog owner:

  • Does the person already have dogs? If so, you can opt for something like a collar, leash or bed for their current pet.
  • Is there anything specific that the person wants? For example, if they’re looking for training classes or other services, consider purchasing them as a gift instead of waiting until they’re needed.
  • Do you know if they want another puppy? This is important because it can save you from purchasing an expensive gift that they may not be able to use right away (such as training classes).

What Are Some Things to Avoid when Giving a Gift to A New Dog Owner?

Giving a gift to a new dog owner is a great way to show your support for their new fur baby. But, there are some things that you should avoid giving as gifts.

Here are five things to avoid when giving gifts to new dog owners:

  • Give them something that only works for one type of dog
  • Give them something that will encourage bad behaviour in the dog (like an electric shock collar)
  • Don’t give them something too big or too small for their lifestyle (don’t get them a giant crate if they live in an apartment)
  • Don’t give them something they’ll have to use every day if they don’t want to (such as a bathtub or grooming table)
  • Avoid anything with batteries or electricity

What Are Some Good Gift Ideas for New Dog Owners? 

Here are some gift ideas for new dog owners:

Thank you so much for reading this incredibly long article. I wanted to give you a lot of helpful information about pet-related products and gift ideas for dog lovers. You can leave any questions or suggestions in the comment section.