washington dc dog names

Dogs are like family to their owners. To properly name a dog, best dog grooming tips has selected the most popular names and categorized them into five groups: cool, classic/classic-cool (basic), fun/funky (modern), cute & cuddly or intelligent(novelty).

According to Rover.com, the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers gathers hundreds of thousands of dogs’ names into its database—and it turns out that people in Washington D.C., show their affection for their city by choosing patriotic names for their four-legged friends! Have a look at the top dog name belonging to Washington D.C. and across America:

Top 10 Male Dog Names in Washington D.C.

Are you hoping to name your new dog? Check out the Top 10 Male Dog Names in Washington, D.C., based on the most famous names and breed popularity. You are sure to find a perfect fit for your new best friend!

1. Cooper
2. Rocky
3. Tucker
4. Leo
5. Charlie
6. Teddy
7. Jack
8. Max
9. Buddy
10. Toby

Top 10 Female Dog Names in Washington D.C.

So, you have a new dog and don’t know what to name it? Don’t worry! Based on data from the American Kennel Club’s database, we’ve put together a list of the most popular female dog names in Washington, D.C. If you’re looking for a good name for your puppy, check out this list of top picks for the cutest girl pooch monikers!

1. Daisy
2. Sophie
3. Molly
4. Lola
5. Sadie
6. Maggie
7. Bella
8. Lucy
9. Bailey
10. Luna

Top Dog Names by City

We found that dog names also reflect America’s cities’ unique culture. From place to place, dog lovers select names for a new dog that reflect their hometown’s pride.