Top 5 Best Clippers for Poodles (Updated 2022)

Best Clippers for Poodles

Poodles are one of the dogs of those breeds which people like to pet more and more. Because of the size and hairy body, they have been able to catch the eyes of people differently. So if you are petting Poodles, then you have to take care of it very carefully. One of the common caring of dogs among a lot of caring is hair trimming.

Regular hair trimming can increase the beauty of dogs a lot. And the dog clipper is required for cutting and trimming the coats of the dog. You probably have no idea about the good quality clippers for Poodles. So we are going to discuss the best clippers for poodles today.

Our review will have A to Z information about the clippers. The ones we know as Moser is known as the clipper for dogs. Dog clippers are used in grooming dogs. We will review the best 5 clippers which are selected from a lot of clippers available in the market.

We would like to discuss the features, advantages, disadvantages and so on for each of the clippers separately in different points. By reading our reviews you will also be an expert in selecting the best clippers. So let us start discussing the best clippers for poodles.

Quick Look: Top 5 Best Clippers for Poodles

Product NameQualityPrice
Andis Super 2 Speed Clipper-Professional Animal GroomingA
Wahl ARCO Cordless ClipperA
Andis Excel 5 Speed ClipperB
Wahl Professional Clipper for DogsB
Best Trendy Dog ClippersA

Reviews of The Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

Poodles are a big size breed dogs so naturally the coats of those are larger. And it is needed to cut the coats for the grooming. If the clipper is not of the good quality then it becomes very difficult to cut the thick coats of poodles. And many people do not know which the good quality clippers for the poodles are because of ignorance.

Because of which many people take their dogs to the grooming centers and spend a high amount of money to cut the coats of the dog. Our discussion today is to give you enough knowledge about this. So we are starting the main discussion related to the best clippers for poodles right now.

1. Professional Animal Grooming: Andis ProClip Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

best clippers for poodles

If anyone makes any list of clippers for any dog, the name of the clippers of Andis will come first to the head. This is because Andis usually produces very good quality dog clippers. Their clippers will be the perfect match for your poodles.

This clipper is the professional dog grooming clipper. You will get the benefit of detaching the blades in it. That means when you want you can open the blades and clean it or you can put a new blade.

Apart from this, you will be able to change the speed to low or high according to your necessity. Because it has 2-speed turbo benefit. And it contains so smooth running that it does not cause any irritation to your poodles. It gets very little heat if you even operate it for a long time is.

They have used only 14-inch cords in it to give you more flexibility. If we do not keep such good quality clippers in our best clippers for poodles review then it would not be our wise decision. We will highlight many more features of this. Then you will understand how effective this clipper is.

Amazing Features

It has so many features that we cannot end it saying. We are going to present some main features among those in front of you.

2 Speed Turbo: The motor of this nice clipper gives the facility of 2 speeds. That means you can change the speed to low or high. Poodles have some body parts in its body that have to be trimmed slowly. In those places, you can easily trim with its low speed. For that, no part of the dog’s body would be left without trimming.

Detachable Blades: The blades of this beautiful clipper are detachable. There are many advantages to having detachable blades. If the blade becomes sharp less, then you take off the blade and put the new blades to it. Likewise, you can do the grooming works attaching other blades which are suitable for other birds and animals for grooming the hair of the cat or rabbit. Besides, taking off the blades, you can increase the stability of it many times.

Cool Running: The blades of this good quality clipper get very little heat. Even if you keep it running for a long time, it does not produce that much heat. Its body material also absorbs plenty of heat and keeps the outside part cool. So though inside the circuit is hot but it cannot be understood from the outside. There is no danger of damage to the skin of poodles because it gets very little heat.

Low Noise: Its noise level is also too low. There is no sound even though it runs at a very high speed. It can be said that it runs in a silent way. The clippers which make a lot of noise are very annoying for dogs. Because of the vibration sound of the clipper, the dogs get annoyed and move around. But it does not cause any disturbance to the dog due to its low noise.

Heavy Duty: The body of this wonderful clipper is very strong and of high quality. So it can provide services for a long time. Apart from this, the motor and other electric appliances in it are also of very good quality. For this reason, it can deliver your services for a long period of time. There is no fear of damaging in the middle of the trimming works.

Just look at those awesome features. Using this excellent clipper you can smoothly do hair grooming to your poodles for several years. Apart from this, they have a lot of positive feedback on Amazon. So, we would like to say that do not worry about buying it. There is no other that much better clippers like this to give different types of hairstyles to your loving poodles.

2. Best Professional Dog Clippers: Wahl Arco Se Professional Cordless Pet Clipper

Wahl ARCO Cordless Clipper

If Andis is the godfather of the world of clippers, then Wahl is the godmother of this world. They are also surprising everyone by making by making a lot of wonderful clippers one after one. To give more benefits to dog owners, they want to have a great competition with Andis on the regular basis.

Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper is very high-quality clipper for Poodles. You can operate it with the help of the battery without connecting the cord. Because of not having a cord, you can do grooming on your dog’s nose, mouth, legs as you wish. It has a rechargeable battery that can give the backup of up to 80 minutes.

It is very light in weight so that you can take it with you while you are traveling. They are also offering the benefits of detachable blades. It has 5 in 1 detachable blades facility.

Because of the detachable blades, you can be able to do grooming for horses, cats or any other animals by changing the blades. It is one of the best clippers for poodles in our consideration because it has so many facilities together. The clipper is a bit different to give all the nice haircuts to your poodles.

Amazing Features

If its features are highlighted separately, then its quality will become more visible to you. So take a look at some of the important features right now.

Long Backup: It has been used a strong rechargeable lithium battery in it. The battery can give up to 80 minutes of continuous backup. Even after the end of the charge, it can gain full charge in just 75 minutes. When you will do hair grooming in the field or outside the house, you can continue the work of trimming by its battery backup.

Led Indicator: The LED charging indicator has been added to it in order to monitor whether the charge is being charged perfectly or not. By looking at the LED light color you can understand how much the battery has been recharged. When the bulb does not on, then you have to understand that it has not been plugged in properly. The LED indicator is a great feature in the Clippers with a battery facility.

5 In 1 Blade: In this, they are offering 5 in 1 detachable blade. As in the one hand, the blades are detachable and on the other hand, they are offering a full set of blades totally for free. There are 5 types of blades in one package that you can use as you needed it. If any blade becomes ineffective then you can continue the hair trimming works with other blades.

Useable For All Pet Animals: If you have any dog or cat of other breeds along with the poodles as well then you will not have to buy any other clippers separately. Because it can be used for hair trimming and hair grooming for all types of pet animals. You can do the grooming of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and all such animals with those 5 blades which they will give you with it.

Travel-Friendly: It is very light in weight and very small in size. Because of which you will not have any problem keeping it in your bag while you are traveling anywhere. Many people travel to different places taking their dogs with them. Then, due to lack of clippers, hair grooming cannot be done. But if you buy this clipper, then there will be no need to worry about the dog’s hair grooming while traveling.

If you want to have perfect hair grooming, you can buy it. Because you can do everything for your poodles as per the demand of the situation. It is travel-friendly, lightweight and it has a long backup, detachable blades, and what more do you want. And the previous users are pleased to use it and give a 5-star review. So why would you miss such a clipper?

3. Best Professional Dog Grooming Clippers for Poodles: Andis Excel 5-Speed Clipper Kit

Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper

Andis which can be called the don of clippers world makes such the nice clippers that we have to choose also their clipper at the number 3 of our review list. However, this model of them is more advanced than the previous one and enriched in features.

It has a 5-speed turbo. As it has very high speed, you can also run it at slow speed as you want. Because of the 5-speed facility, you can trim all over the body of poodles. Andis also made this keeping the facility of detachable blades. Its motor is extremely powerful, which moves very fast and at high speed.

As well as the high quality of motor the ceramic blades have been made very sharper and of high quality. These sharp blades can cut off all the thick coats within a moment. Its grip is very soft and that is very comfortable to hold. The body of this excellent clipper has been made from the high-quality polymer that lasts for a long time.

So, without any doubt, this kind of clippers made by Andis can be called one of the best clippers for poodles. To make you even more surprised, we will highlight some of its special activities now.

Amazing Features

Seeing the features of this, you can understand how useful it is for you. So let us now see the main features of this clipper.

High-Speed Motor: The motor inside this nice clipper is extremely of high speed. It can give thousands of strokes per minute. Because of the high speed of the motor, it can cut off everything in a very short period of time no matter which thing falls under the blades. Though the motor rotates at a high speed, the sound is very low. The greater the speed of the motor of the clipper is, the better the Clippers are.

5 Speed Turbo: For speed controlling purpose, they have added the 5-speed turbo to it. That is, you can operate it at your own convenience at the 5-speed levels. You have to do the trimming work slowly to the dog’s feet, throat, ears and these types of soft areas. You can do this with the low-speed shift. Again, you can do high speed trimming in the back side coats. You can vanish all the coats you want keeping the top gear in the motor.

Soft Grip: Its grip is very soft, which is very comfortable to hold. Using soft rubber in the grip, the comfort zone has been created strong. The rest of the body is also very comfortable. A very smooth finishing has been provided with polymer materials. This nice clipper can be a companion to those who prefer good finishing and soft grip clippers.

Sharp Blades: Its blades are very sharp. Even the thick coats of poodles cannot stand against in front of these sharp blades. When the coats get down under the blades, it can divide it in less than microseconds. Think of how fast you can trim everything with a combination of high-speed motor and very sharp blades. The clipper is the best option for cutting the coats of the poodles with sharp blades and high-speed motors.

Low Heating: Though its motor speed is very high, it gets a little heat. Most of the time the heat generated from it cannot penetrate outside the casing. However, many clippers get too much heat and burn up the skin of the dog. There is no fear of burning the skin of the dog due to the low heating of the clippers.

If you are not satisfied with the first clipper of the Andis, then you should not miss it in any way. They bring it to the market after adding many more features to it. This clipper is the best clipper of the best. If you can buy it then you can continue your trimming works for several years without any tension.

4. Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Home Use: Wahl Professional Clipper For Dogs

Wahl Professional Clipper for Dogs

Wahl has also brought more advanced models of clippers to compete with Andis. So we were forced to choose another model clipper of Wahl. In this case, two models of clippers of Wahl and Andis got the place in our review.

It is a lot of advanced level clipper and also stylish clipper. It is cordless, so it is very easy to use. Outdoor operations can also be done due to its cordless facility. There is a very good quality battery in it that can give you the backup for a long time. There is a lot of sharp blade on the head for easy trimming.

In addition, its grip is one of the coolest grips in one word. It gives you a lot of comforts as soon as you hold it. It is too small in size so that you can take it in far places with you easily. It is less than 6 inches in length. The narrow blades of this nice clipper can cut the coats of your poodles at a very high speed.

Considering the price with the convenience, anyone will be forced to call this clipper as one of the best clippers for poodles. They have maintained the price and quality together in this excellent clipper.

Amazing Features

We are presenting some information to you about this feature. So you can understand how much useful this clipper is.

Stylish: The design and style of this clipper are excellent. You will be fascinated by its style after the first view. It has been made in different designs from traditional clippers. Grip and body finishing of this wonderful clipper is quite smooth and comfortable. Color combinations of this clipper are also very good from the top to bottom. Considering all it is an excellent clipper for stylish persons.

High-Quality Battery: The high-quality lithium-ion batteries have been used in this clipper. Once you recharge it, you can get the backup for a long time. And the stability of the batteries is also much more. If you keep regular maintenance, you can spend 3/4 years without worrying about battery replacement.

Cordless Operation: Another big advantage of this is that you can operate it even in the condition of cordless. If you notice then you will see that most of the time you need to do hair grooming for you poodles in outdoor places. At that time it becomes very difficult to do grooming after connecting the cord with the electric line. But as it has the facility to operate in the cordless condition, you can easily be able to do the outdoor grooming from the battery backpack.

Narrow Sharp Blades: Narrow sharp blades have been used on the head of this. The blades are very sharp. Because of this narrow rotating blades, it can cut all the coats within a very few moments just after something falls under the blades. There are no other good quality blades than this if you want to have a fast speed grooming. This narrow sharp blade will reduce dog grooming durations a lot.

Portable: Along with all other facilities, it has another extra facility which is portability. This means that you can travel with it whenever you want without any hassle. Its size is so low that it is only 6 inches in length. So you can take in your pocket when it is necessary. Being portable, there will be no problem in doing hair grooming while you are on a tour with your dog.

If you have fewer budgets but want more feature-rich clippers then this is the best dog clipper for you. You will not get such a clipper with so many facilities like this at such a low price. You will be able to continue your dog grooming works for a long time with this very stylish, portable, and long backed-up clipper. Use this clipper without any tension for the hair grooming of your loving poodles.

5. Best Trendy Professional Dog Clippers: Professional Pet Grooming Kit

Best Trendy Dog Clippers

If the situation is like that you did not choose any of the above 4 clippers. Then this clipper can win your heart because they are offering full dog grooming set totally for free with this clipper. You will also get rest of the features of other normal clippers in it. Its vibration sound is very low which does not cause any noise.

Dogs usually get very disturbed if the motor produces any sound. Then it becomes difficult to trim the dog perfectly. Apart from this, there is a very good quality rechargeable lithium battery in it. Using the battery backup, you can take advantage of the outdoor operation.

The clippers which are rechargeable are usually cordless. This is also not exceptional. If you want, you can take off the cord after completing the recharge. Do you want more benefits? Even then they will not disappoint you. With the clipper, they will give additional blades, combs, and scissors. The blades of this beautiful clipper are sharper than the knife.

Those who have given so much benefit with such little money, we did not have any other option but keeping this clipper in the review of the best clippers for poodles. Buying it will make your money totally worthy.

Amazing Features

We will mention only 5 main features from its multiple features here. The features will make you very surprised.

Low Noise Operation: The vibration sound and noise from the motor of this clipper is very low. It can be said that you will get almost soundless operation by it. Noise is very important for clippers. If the noise is high then the dog wants to escape suddenly at the time of trimming. If you want to avoid such an unwanted problem, you can try this low noise clipper.

Useable For All Pets: It is not only useful for the poodle’s hair grooming, you can also do the hair grooming for all types of breeds of dogs or cats. Apart from this, it is also very effective in the case of hair grooming for the horses, rabbits and other pet animals. You can do hair trimming off a lot of pet animals by purchasing this single clipper.

Sharp Blades: There is a small pin sharp blade on its head. The blades rotate with the speed of the motor and rotate at a very fast speed. It can cut the coats of poodles in the nanoseconds just after the coats fall under the blades. This type of clipper having very sharp blades is very much necessary to cut the thick coats like that of the poodles.

Free Grooming Kits: After buying it you will get a full set of dog grooming kit totally for free. In this set, you will get many more things including blades, combs, scissors, blades cleaners etc. So if you buy it, you will not have to buy any other grooming kit separately. No one is giving such facilities together for poodles. So, this is the chance for you to be the gainer buying this clipper.

Satisfaction Guarantee: They will give you satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the clipper for any reason, then you will give your money back. But hopefully, it will not be needed anymore because people hardly are unhappy with their product. So there is no problem to get the clipper which has the satisfaction guarantee.

They are offering more benefits than you want in a clipper. Apart from this, there is also a satisfaction guarantee. Since it has a money back guarantee after purchasing it, it will not be a wise decision if you do not buy this clipper. Do not think that they are giving the low-quality product after seeing that they are offering a lot of things at a low price. Just look at their total reviews and average ratings on Amazon and then you will understand everything. For at least extra grooming kits, however, you should buy this clipper.

How to Choose the Right Dog Clippers for Poodle and Toy Poodles

For choosing the dog clipper, some factors have to be analyzed that helps to take a best decision to choose a right clipper for poodle and toy poodle are following:


Versatility leads to more work within one tool. Different size of blade is needed for different type of cutting of fur. If you want to long fluffy hair, you need different type of blade. If you want short hair, another one is needed. So, you should that clipper having different sizes of blades that means your clipper is versatile.


Some trimmer makes a huge and loud noise that affects on dog’s mind even also on a dog groomer. Noise can harm their attention gradually. Some dogs get spooked out for over loud creating clipper. A calm and quiet clipper can give relax your dog during poodles cut.


Sometimes clipper becomes heat up after working long time. Clippers that have a motor provide power and energy to machine for moving clipper blades that create more heat. A good quality clipper can prevent much heat that creates much noise. For keeping cool a clipper attached with cooling machine. You can give oil massage to a clipper for cool down your clipper that makes a longevity clipper for your lovable dogs.

Ease of Use

Ease of use of clipper depends on quality of motor, blade, shape, battery, weight etc. A good quality motor speed can give easy and comfort use of a clipper. Low batter power irritates to use clipper and much weight hampers to comfortable use. So, a fit qualified clipper must be needed for easy using and to get enjoy during clipping.


Your investment should workable, so you need a durable strong clipper for our poodles and toy poodles. A good manufacture clipper can be used for a long period that doesn’t break easily and it helps to save your money and time.

Best Dog Trimmer for Poodles: FAQ

Are you interested to know about your poodles and toy poodle’s cutting clipper? All the questions that you are want to know are given below:

Can I use human clippers on my poodle?

You can’t use the human clippers that are not to same design. Their purposes are different from each other. Human clipper may cause injury on dog’s body and skin. But the dog clippers are specialized for dog’s health and they feel comfort to use on him.

What clipper number blade do you use on a Poodle?

Generally, number of blade depends on your poodle’s hairstyle that you want. For long stylish hair, they are famous at groomer community. Normally, three, four, five and seven number of blades is mostly popular for poodle.

What is a teddy bear cut on a poodle?

A traditional poodle cut are more famous for teddy bear. Poodle cut that having a presentable, gorgeous, luxurious good looking are demanded at groomer community.

What are the Different Poodle cuts?

Teddy Bear cut, summer cut, Puppy cut, Continental cut, German cut, and Modern cut are seen at poodle cut of a dog. Generally these cut are found on different shows of dogs that inspires to owner to cut their own dog’s hair for getting a good stylish appearance.

Is it OK to shave Poodles?

You should shave your poodles for getting a clean, healthy dog’s fur and skin. Proper shave help to remove skin disease and dirt from their body.

What does a traditional Poodle cut look like?

A traditional poodle cut looks a rounded top knot of head and a poof of their tail. Short pre-size hairs have to be kept on their body are the main condition for these cut. These cuts are very demandable for dog owner who wants to see their dog on poodle cut desperately.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we were able to make you clear regarding the clippers for your poodles. Look at features especially before buying a product. After seeing the features you will understand which one is more useful for you. Even if you cannot decide, then we will tell you that just buy any of the clippers without thinking much.

Because the best clippers for poodles review contains all the clippers which are of very high quality. Considering the demand of all of you we have reviewed with 5 products instead of a single one. We hope that this review will have a great impact on buying clippers for your poodles.

We always want to help you with all the great tips for your dogs. Dog clipper review is over here today. Take care of your favorite dog.

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