Fun Games to Play with Your Dog Inside is a good thing for your dog to keep it healthy. This is because there is a lot of movement in the whole body through sports. It increases blood circulation as well as it helps to reduce fat and laziness. Sport is a natural means to keep the body healthy.

If you make your dog play regularly, then it can keep itself prevented from many lethal diseases. Dogs like to play a lot. He will play very well with you in-door.

You can let your dog play a lot in-door. Some games are beneficial to the dog’s body. But many do not know the names of those games. Because of this they cannot let their dogs play efficiently.

In this way, the dog is deprived of physical benefits. So today, we will discuss 10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog Inside. So let us know the details of the beneficial 10 fun games available for the dog.

About Fun Games to Play with Your Dog Inside

You need to make the dog play with fun. Dogs like to play outside or inside the home. But it is not possible for everyone to go to the outdoor and play with the dog. This is because lack of adequate open space to play. But there is nothing to be disappointed with that. If you want, you can play all the nice games in indoor with your dog.

Today, we will give a little guideline about what kind of fun games to play with dogs. These dogs indoor fun games will give your dogs have good exercise every day. The muscles of your dog will be very strong, and as it will run and move all the time, then the risk of getting heart disease will be reduced.

And there is nothing more to say about the dog’s mental joy. We will now review 10 good quality Fun Games to Play with Your Dog Inside. So, the name of the 10 fun games is mentioned here individually.

1. Dog Tug of War Game

Tug of War Game

Watch the Video on YouTube: Teach Your Dog Proper Tug of War

It is a classic game that dogs love and enjoy very well. The main attraction of this game is a rope. There will be a knot like a trap. You will be tempted the dog holding it in front of its face. And the dogs will try to bite it. You will try to recover the rope from the dog. Thus the dog will continue to play. There is no huge space required to play this game.

You can play in your own house in a small room. The dog will attack the rope thinking it as a victim. But you have to be careful so that the dog cannot bite your hands. Dogs will run a lot to play these games.

In particular, the jaw will have a good exercise and heart will also be of many benefits. If you play this game every day, your dog will survive many diseases. You can play this classic game with your favorite dog.

2. Dog Hide and Seek Game

Animals Hide And Seek

Watch the Video on YouTube: Animals Hide And Seek

It is a very simple game. You even do not have to buy any toys to play it. You just need to hide. The dog will find you out. Then hide again. This cycle will continue. No matter where you hide, you will see that your favorite dog will find you out right away. Try hiding in places where your dog cannot find you out easily.

Your dog will search you a lot if it cannot find you out. Thus, the run and movement will help your dog for heart exercise, and blood circulation will increase greatly.

Hide in such a way so that he does not see you while playing hide and seek game. You can play this game every morning with your favorite dog. It can be played in a small place also.

3. Find the Treats for Dog

This is a great game to train dog noses. If you can make your dog play this game successfully, then the effectiveness of your dog’s nose will be proven. You can start with what your dog likes.

First, hide some favorite things of your dog in your hands. Then hide them somewhere else. Tell the dog to find out that and bring it out. You will find that your dog will find the treat after a few moments.

In this way, the game will go on continuously. Encourage him every time he finds the treat. In it, your dog will get more fun to find the treat. To play this game, he will have to run a lot. So many useful exercises of the body will be done through this game.

4. Which Hand Game for Dogs

Watch the Video on YouTube: Funny Dogs | A Funny Dog Guess Witch Hand The Treat Is In !!!

This is the game of testing the intelligence of the dogs. There is not much physical exercise in it. But there is a lot of intellectual development in the head through this game.

To play this game, first, you choose the dog’s favorite treat. Then hold it in your hand, move it in front of the dog, and then hide it in one hand. Then, tell the dog to find out in which hand you have hidden the treat.

Your dog will apply intelligence and immediately find the exact hand with a treat. If you cannot do it once, you must try a few more times. You will see that your dog will be successful.

In this way, hide the dog’s favorite things in the hands repeatedly and make your dog find out. Congratulate your dog if it can find out. You can measure his talents through this game. Intellectual maturity will develop a lot by playing the game regularly.

5. Three Cup Game for Dogs

Three Cup Game

Watch the Video on YouTube: Dog Plays Shell Game Like A Human !!!

This is also a popular game. Usually dog, cat likes to play the game. The game develops the intelligence of the dog as well as the dog also enjoys it. You do not even need a big place to play it. Just sit and play. You will need 3 cups and a favorite treat for the dog. Then hide the treat in a cup and then move all the cups here and there.

Move all the cups randomly and then tell the dog to find out the treat. You will see that the dog will show you the right cup.

No matter how much you rotate the cup, he will get to know exactly where his toys are under. The dog’s intelligence increased a lot through this game. You can also play this game regularly with your dog.

6. Stairmaster Game

Stairmaster Game

Watch the Video on YouTube: Doggie Stairmaster | Great Dog Exercise Indoors

It is a great game for physical benefits. It will physically stimulate your dog. To play this game you have to throw a ball in front of the stair. Then tell the dog to take the ball back to you.

As soon as you tell, then you will see he has caught the ball very fast. Throw the ball certainly at a fast speed. If not, then he can easily capture it. In addition, as far as the ball will go, the more physical work will be done by your dog.

So try to send the ball far away. Through this game, the extra energy of the dog’s body will be reduced also. Regular half-hour play will result in no disease in your dog’s body.

The game is very useful for the body. It does not need a huge space to play in. So, start to play this game today with your dog.

7. Hall Ball Game

Hall Ball Game

Watch the Video on YouTube: Doggie Stairmaster “Hall-Ball” | Great Game to Play to Exercise and Have Fun with Your Dog.

This game is mainly applicable only for those who have huge hall rooms. It is most likely the fetch game. The basic of this game is you will leave a ball in the room. Then, tell the dog to fetch the ball and retrieve.

You will see that he will do it immediately. The dog will have a lot of physical exercise in this game. It will run a lot so huge fat will be burning and extra energy will be coming out with sweat.

The risk of heart disease will be reduced. But those who have dogs with thin body; you should avoid this game for your dog. This is because, in this game, lots of energy is lost.

For that, your thin dog will become thinner in it. The game is very useful for keeping the health of the fat type dogs. You can play this game regularly if you have a huge hall room and a healthy dog.

8. Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Watch the Video on YouTube: How to Teach your Puppy to Sit and Stay

This is not a game. You can teach your dog the latest tricks. Or you can test the tricks that your dog has already learned. They will be in the learning process in it.

Keep in mind that tricks have no end. These are unlimited. If it knows the tricks, it can easily defend. Apart from this, it will be also good for your assets and life. Dogs are usually always grateful to the owners.

If you can continue to teach it new tricks, you will be benefited by somehow. So be sure to keep on teaching. And it is not only applicable for dogs but also it is equally applicable for you. The more you learn, the more you become wise.

9. Mini Obstacle Course

Mini Obstacle Course

Watch the Video on YouTube: Earthdog Training at Home

This game will be very helpful if the dog falls in any danger. You can organize the game inside the house. So, leave something inside the room so that the dog’s movement is obstructed.

By doing so, your dog will cross them and come out. Thus, your dog will understand which way to come out and how to come out when it falls in danger. Create obstacles on its way in different ways.

In this, he will learn how to recover when it becomes the victim of an enemy. Besides, there will be enough exercise work when your dogs get rid of these obstacles and go ahead.

It will need to engage its front legs and head to get rid of this. There will be many benefits of the heart to remove these obstacles. So you can make your dogs play this regularly. This training will be useful to him later.

10. Free Shaping Game

Free Shaping Game

Watch the Video on YouTube: A fun way to train your dog! Free Shaping!

The free shaping game is a great game to stimulate your dog mentally. It helps in the psychological development of the dog. There is no need for a huge space to play this game.

Just a little room will be enough to play it. Drop the box, bottle or anything else inside the room. Then tell the dog what to do. You will fix his activities inside the box.

For example, you can say to touch the box with its head. If he follows your instructions at that time, then you can assume that he has got very well trained. Treat him as a reward or you can praise him.

Play this game at least once a week for mental maturity. And if you play it, the dog will also enjoy at the same time. It is a very effective game.

11. The Name Game

This game is quite effective also. It increases dog intelligence at a great extent. You can teach the names of his various toys beforehand. Then you can put the toys in front of him and name them. When your dog will hear the name, it will present a particular toy in front of you. The dog gets quite fun by doing this. No matter where you hide the toy and which name you name, your dog will bring out the right toy.

Final Verdict

From now on, you should keep your dogs in regular sports. If you do not make them play, then the dog will be the victim of different diseases. Fat and laziness cause your dog to become very fat. Then, there is the fear of getting infected with heart disease. If you want to eliminate these troubles, you should play with your dogs regularly.

You can practice the games we mentioned as Fun Games to Play Your Dog Inside. These games do not require much space to play. These games can be played with your dogs in-door. So, from today, you can start to play these games with your dogs.

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