This post will be about How To Sedate Your Dog At Home For Grooming. Sedation is a great way to help your dog be relaxed and calm when you take them for grooming.

There are many ways that you can sedate your dog at home, so if they get anxious or stressed out, it will be easier on both of you! This post will give you the best tips to sedate your dog. Stay tuned!

How To Sedate Your Dog At Home For Grooming?

The word sedate has the meaning that is to make your dog calm down and relax. How to sedate your dog is a common question among pet owners nowadays.

Because more and more people are grooming their dogs at home instead of taking them to professional groomers due to reasons such as budget or time constraints. There are many ways to sedate your dog but it depends on the level of comfort you would like to get.

So how do you sedate your dog at home? First of all, you need to consider a few factors before you start. You have to make your dog calm before starting the grooming because if things go wrong, it may cause injury to your dog.

So before we go to the details of this, you need to know that some factors such as breed and weight level of activity, may affect the sedation. This also depends on these factors. You have to be very careful before starting it. Now, let’s go to the process of How To Sedate Your Dog.

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Step 1: Use Medications To Sedate Your Dog

Medications To Sedate Your Dog

There are two types of medication available for sedating your dog. One is over-the-counter, and the other is prescription-only medications.

The first type you can buy from grocery stores or pet shops without any medical consultation, where as other ones require a veterinarian’s advice before buying it.

How to use these drugs will depend on their instructions so read carefully before using them. Sedatives are the first requirement for dogs who are more active and hyper. To sedate your dog depends on the level of activity they have.

If you see that your dog is very active, then it’s better not to start the process because chances are there that he will get hurt or cause injury for himself. If your dog’s health status allows him to take medication, then follow these processes.

Step 2: Have A Long Walk Time With Your Baby

Have A Long Walk Time With Your Baby

The following way to sedate your dog at home is to take him for a long walk before starting the process because it will help make them calm and relaxed.

Sedating your dogs at home depends on their level of activity so if you see that they are very active, then take them for a long walk or play session with them.

This will help in making them tired and will make them feel the need to relax. It also depends on how you take care of their activity level before starting it.

Step 3: Have A Fun-Filled Playtime With Your Dog

Have A Fun-Filled Playtime With Your Dog

The next process of sedating your dog at home is to have a fun-filled playtime with them. Playtime can be of any type as long as it’s done in a very calm manner which will make the dogs tired and feel relaxed after playing for some time.

The sedating also depends on their health situation. If they are very active, then playtime is not the right choice. As it depends on their level of activity, playtime will not be the best option if they are not very active.

Since we have discussed How to sedate your dog at home, now let’s see what things you will need for this process.

Sedatives and medications, long walks or play sessions with them, fun-filled activities such as playing games, and other activities that make your dog tired and feel like relaxing, and grooming tools for the process.

Step 4: Use Gentle Touches To Make Calm Your Dog

Gentle Touches To Make Calm Your Dog

Next, you can gently touch your dog, which will help in making them feel relaxed and calm. It will also matter how you handle the process so do gentle touches in a very friendly manner because if it’s done otherwise, things can get worse.

When your dog becomes comfortable with you, then it’ll be okay with your grooming process.

Step 5: Go With The Aromatherapy

dog Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a  very good way to make your dog feel relaxed and comfortable. You need to be careful while doing this because it can be sensitive. So, use aromatherapy in a very friendly manner.

If it is done perfectly, then it’ll be fine. Otherwise, things can get worse, which may cause injury or pain for your dogs.

When we talk about How to sedate your dog at home, we can not forget to mention what should be avoided during this process.

Avoid taking them for a long walk or play session, which will make them more hyper and active, do gentle touches with the dogs because it’ll cause pain instead of making them feel relaxed.

If done otherwise, avoid using aromatherapy in an aggressive manner because it’ll irritate your dog instead of making them feel peaceful.

Final Words On The Do’s And The Don’ts


Always try to put your dog at ease. Make use of nice noises and kind phrases. Always go about things carefully. Have a play session earlier in the day.

Introduce the grooming equipment early on, making them friendly as they are with their toys.

Maintain caution throughout each stage of grooming so that you know how to utilize the dog grooming tools properly.


Don’t go to the grooming session without practicing. Shouting at your dog will not be a good idea. You should trim the hair around your dog’s eyes, in this case, too.

During the grooming session, don’t give your dog any snacks because they may be harmful. Don’t be in a rush. Don’t lose confidence by any chance.

Ending Thought

The article has discussed how to sedate the dog at home for grooming which is quite an important part as it will help you in making them feel relaxed and calm during this process.

Grooming sessions can be very stressful or even painful if not handled properly so we have discussed thoroughly so that you can do this process with ease.

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