In spite of talking about all the necessary care, you may find some health problems with your dog. You need to define many diseases or health issues out there. However, dog eye gunk is one of these problems, and you need to give extra attention if your dog is suffering from this. 

But, identifying the problem, no matter what type it is, needs some knowledge and information. We know this well, and therefore, we will showcase an A-Z presentation regarding the problem with your dog. So, let’s start exploring the factors here.

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What Is That Dog Eye Gunk, anyway?

Dog eye gunk is related to the eyes of your dog, as the name suggests. However, when we define the medical term, then it will be discharged on the eyes of your dog.  There are many possible reasons and causes behind this that you need to address. Most of the time, the problem may occur because of allergies. 

Therefore, if there is water consistency and stuff, the issue may arise. You may see that problem as not a big issue, but it will create a lot of suffering for your dog as the day advances. Even the problem may create other health issues as well. So, you can’t just avoid the problem.

Besides, you need to know the exact causes behind this serious issue. Once you know the reasons, you will take adequate measures to solve the problem. We will be approaching like you go to a doctor and describe your issues with him. Just think about the scenario and read the causes right below.

Allergies, Infection—What Are the Causes?

We touched on this fact a few sentences ago. There may be some sort of confusion about whether the problem occurs in case of allergies or infection.


You may be pretty familiar with the term known as pink eye. However, the problem is the inflammation of the outer layer of the dog’s eye. Therefore, this inflammation may cause some issues with the inner layer of the dog’s eyes.

Most of the time, the conjunctive appears as yellow or green pus. You would be able to notice the sign very quickly if it occurred. Hence, conjunctive causes the excessive blinking of your dog’s eyes. Besides, this is very much irritating as well.

Watery Eyes

Excessing tearing may be the issue with the watery eyes. If you have been owing to your dog for a while, you may be noticing the cause ideally. The problem of watery eyes is also an acute problem with humans. The fact is, if there is water in the eyes of your dog for a long time, it causes pain. 

Sometimes, you may notice darkened fur around the eyes of your dog. With access amount of watering, your dog may face the gunk problem very often. If the eyes remain wet for a long time, the dust also mixes with the tear and cause some significant issues.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is another most acute reason for dog eye gunk. The term is pretty opposite to watery eyes. In this case, the medical term of dry eyes related to a dog is Keratoconjunctivitis sicca. However, what happens there is if your dog’s eyes remain dry for a long time, it may cause irritation and other stuff.

So, most of the time, the doctors suggest people clean the eyes of the dog in regular intervals. If the eyes of your dog remain dry for many hours, you may see some yellowish color on the eyes of your dog. Moreover, if there is any type of infection or stuff, you may see the problem of dry eyes with your dog as well.

Eye Injury

You can just neglect this factor of eye injury as we are talking about the dog eye gunk for a while. If the eyes of your dog are hurt by some object, you may see the injury with the eyes of your dog. This problem of eye injury is very common. Especially, if you are not good enough to take care of your dog, you might face the problem very often.

Besides, the exposure of chemicals to your dog’s eyes may also cause discharge. You will be able to see some major signs so that you will become sure that your dog is suffering from eye injuries. Sometimes, your dog might hurt it on its own. So, you have to make sure about the factor as well. 

Once you see the above circumstances as a symptom with your dog, you have to go to the vet without wasting any further time. Doing so will help you to eradicate the problem in a short time. 

What’s Normal Dog Eye Gunk and When Should I Worry?

This is very important to know when you should worry. However, you don’t have to worry all the time. There are some problems with the eyes of your dog which will take a comparatively short time to vanish the problem of dog eye gunk.

You need to know whether your dog is really suffering from eye gunk or not and when should you need to take any steps to eradicate the problem. It will be pretty easy for you if you compare the circumstances with your own. Have you ever faced irritation in your eyes? We think the answer will be a big yes.

However, you might try to touch your eyes with your hands or use tissues. At a time, you discover something in your eyes and your eyes might become red. These all also happen when your dog is facing the problem of eye gunk.

The most important thing here is, you need to know the symptoms here. Once you know the exact symptoms, you will be able to define the eye problem of your dog. In fact, these issues will be going to help discover the problems with your dog’s eyes without visiting a doctor at first. 

  • Extreme watery eyes for a long time.
  • Excessively dry eyes.
  • increase in eye discharge rapidly.
  • Change in eye discharge consistency or color
  • Rubbing or pawing at the eyes
  • Frequently blinking

These are the most common signs that you will get to notice. Once you see the symptoms, you will be able to take further decisions.

Now, in this part of the guide, we will show you some of the products that you should use to help cure your dog of eye gunk problems. Besides, we will give you some tips which you may follow to resolve the issues as well.

Cleaning and Care Tips for Your Dog’s Eye Gunk

No matter what type of problem your dog is going through, the products we will showcase now will be the best options for you. Your dog may be suffering from allergies, injuries of stuff, these will help you a lot.

 1. TropiClean SPA Tear Stain Remover for Pets

Try a Dog Tear Stain Remover

This tear stain remover product will be one of the best solutions for you. It allows the dog’s eyes to become dry once there is a good amount of tears in your dog’s eyes.

There are many tear strain removers out there on the market. The TropiClean SPA Team Stain Remover for Pets will be the best allow the eyes of your dog to remain safe for a long time.

As it comes with a lot of effective features, it gently removes the tear strain from your dog’s eyes. Besides, it also comes with a lavish smell which is very enjoyable for your dog as well. The most important fact is, that the strainer doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

However, if you are looking forward to the best products related to your dog’s eyes, you should go with this tear Stainer product. Then, you won’t have to worry a lot about the dog eye gunk.

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2. Use a Pet “Eye Comb” For Dog Eye Gunk

"Eye Comb" For Dog Eye Gunk

You badly need to wash your dog’s eyes without using the chemicals, you must go with the Eye Comb products. Therefore, Petpost Tear Stain Remover Comb for Dogs, Fine Comb are very efficient and ensures the safety of your dog’s eye.

Petpost, highly essential products are very much useful for and dog owners.  If you compare Petpost with other eye comb products, it is really high-class.

It basically works as a tear stain remover for the dog. If you are facing many problems removing the crust around the eyes of the dog, it will serve you with a lot of support. You may never want to hurt your pet while grooming. Therefore, using the Eye Comb will really help you to avoid that situation.

However, this particular dog’s product is beneficial. Moreover, the product is tested and that means there is no issue with the safety of your dog. Don’t you want gentle and painless grooming?

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3. Give a Quick Trim Around the Eyes

Give a Quick Trim Around the Eyes

If there is a good amount of fur around the eyes of your dog, it may create problems. Hair beatifies your dog but the access of it around the eyes may cause some infections.

Therefore, you need products that are used to remove the hair around your dog’s eye care and we suggest you the Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Dog Grooming Kit here.

If your dog has very long hair, the kit will help you a lot in this regard. The Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Dog Grooming Kit product includes many different kits like; durable storage cases, steel scissors, and stuff like that.

So, if you tend to buy this sort of Quick Trim product, it won’t be a loss project for you. the Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Dog Grooming Kit almost covers up everything.  You may turn the grooming of your dog into something interesting and this product will help a lot in this sense.

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4. Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Moist with a Pet Eyewash

Dog's Eyes Moist with a Pet Eyewas

You also need to wash the eye of the dog regularly. Let’s say you have just taken a bath with your pet just now. What you have to do is, use the Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash for Pets properly just after the bathing of your dog.

Implementing these drops removes the chances of allergies, lubrication, and stuff. There are many eyewashes for dogs there but we recommend you the Vetericyn Plus as it comes with several benefits. It is superficial to remove redness and unwanted itching as well.

However, if you are looking forward to purchasing the best dog products for you based on needs, Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash for Pets will be a better choice. Why not start giving your dog a bit of relief? 

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5. Don’t Use Your Finders to Remove Dog Eye Gunk

You should give extra emphasis on this segment. Don’t go and use your fingers to clean your dog’s eyes. It will not only create problems for your dog but also for yourself as well. Besides, if you are not quite sure whether you have a clean hand, it will make the situation even worst than before.

So, what you have to perform is try to avoid using your hands and use hand gloves if needed. Besides, we recommend you to use the products like eyewash and eye comb for better performance. 

You may also try to avoid the cotton balls as you are not pretty sure about cleanliness most of the time.

Final Words

If you have been reading this blog very carefully so far, it is supposed to start making sense. However, the dog eye gunk problem is something that you need to focus on a lot. You should try to make the best use of the dog’s eyes products. 

Therefore, if you are able to follow the tips that we have shown, it will provide you with a lot of ease while taking care of your dog. We really care about your dog and you

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