There are many dog breeds in the world. Among those breeds, some of the breeds have thin fur and some have very thick fur. One of the important parts of dog grooming is cutting dog’s coats. You can increase the beauty of your dog by getting a nice haircut.

Likewise, if you cut the excessive hair of your dog, it remains safe in terms of health issues. To cut the hair or fur of the dogs, you need dog clippers.

Clippers also differ in breed. The clipper that is needed for cutting the thin coat is totally different from the one that is needed for cutting the very thick coat. A specialized clipper is needed for the thick coat. If you have any dogs with a thick coats then you have to take a separate clipper.

Today we will discuss the best dog clippers for thick coats. In our discussion, we are going to discuss the product features, specifications, descriptions, advantages, etc.

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What Is A Clipper And Why It Is Needed?

Dog clipper is actually the electric machine for cutting dog hair. There is a battery inside it. In the front, it has blades like the comb.

The clippers work well for the dogs in cutting the hair or the coat. And when you press the switch the clipper starts to cut hair or fur. You cannot imagine without the clipper for dog grooming.

You have to buy dog clippers to get your dog a nice haircut. If not, you cannot cut the dog fur. Now you must understand how much dog clippers are needed.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money taking your dog to the dog grooming center every month then you have to buy a dog clipper today. After that, you will be able to cut the hair or coat of the dog yourself and save money.

An In-depth Review of the Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats

You may have the dogs of a thick coat and you are not being able to cut the fur of your dog with the normal clippers. Actually, you need a kind of special clipper which is designed to cut the thick coat. Since you do not know that there is a separate clipper for the thick coat, so it is normal that you also do not know which clipper is good for the thick coat.

Without the proper knowledge if you go to the market to buy a clipper the chances are high to be fooled. As we have experience in this sector, so you should take a look at our reviews before buying the Clippers. Then you will be able to buy the best quality clippers.

Today we will show you the best dog clippers for thick coats tutorials. Read the full review with patients. Your time will not be worthless that we can assure you. Then let us start the review of the best dog clippers for thick coats now.

1. Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper

best dog clippers for thick coats

Oster A5 clipper is quite an ideal clipper for breeds of the thick coat. It has a 2-speed turbo. That means you can conveniently run it at two speeds. When you need to slow down, then run it in the lower gear and when you need it to run at the speed then run it on its fast gear. And in this nice clipper, they have used detachable blades.

If you want you can change the blades for grooming dogs of other breeds or other pets. Its blade is made of stainless steel which is very sharp. Due to strong motors and sharp blades, it can cut thick fur within a moment. It is smaller in size and very light in weight. And with it, you can trim the coat of dog throat, ears, and feet.

They have used a double layer on it to make the durability strong. Considering all these facilities, we have listed it in first place of our best dog clippers for thick coats review list. This is actually the number 1 product in quality.

Key Features

  • Pet trimmer with powerful whisper-quiet pivot motor
  • Perfect clippers to trim the ears, face, and feet
  • This is a very well-designed, comfortable ring.
  • Double insulation makes its body durable.
  • You can use the blades of this clipper on other pets.

They have huge feedback on Amazon. Despite their huge reviews, their average rating is very high. It is possible to get such a lot of customer feedback only if the quality of the product is good. Since lots of people are satisfied with using this clipper so you can also try this product.

2. Andis Ultraedge Agc Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis Ultraedge 2-Speed Clipper

You will be surprised to know that till today there are no negative reviews of their clippers have ever come up. They have been producing clippers with such a reputation. They are very expert in terms of achieving customer satisfaction.

You can do the dog grooming fully and professionally with this nice clipper. The stainless steel blade in the front is so sharp that it will cut the thick hair within a moment. And yes it also has the advantage of running at 2 speeds.

So you can use it for multiple pet grooming and changing the blades. Its cord is very small so you can take it everywhere you want with the cord. Even though running continuously, neither it vibrates nor it get hot. So it is very comfortable for dogs. It has a good-quality lithium battery.

Key Features

  • The detachable blade can be used in a variety of applications.
  • 2 Speed rotary motor has been installed for perfect trimming.
  • Its low-vibration feature makes it comfortable for your pets.
  • A 14-inch cord is useful to have around.
  • The housing of this clipper is shatterproof.

Analyzing all the facts that we have mentioned above, it is clearly understood that this is a good quality clipper. Previous buyers are very satisfied with buying their products. With the features and facilities that we have highlighted, it should also be understood that there are not so many clippers of this quality available in the market.

3. Wahl Arco Se Professional Cordless Pet Clipper 

Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper

This is a great level of pet clippers. This is the standard clipper we understand about the ideal clipper for the thick coat. Because the specialized organization of professional animal groomers has made it. Wahl always produces excellent products after researching the professional groomers’ panel.

The big advantage of this is that this clipper is cordless. You do not have to go through carrying the huge cord with you always. There is a rechargeable battery inside it. Recharging the battery, you will be able to cut the coat of the dog continuously. It will give you the back up of up to 80 minutes, which takes 75 minutes to recharge.

Thinking of so much convenience of this clipper, we included this without thinking twice about our today’s best dog clippers for thick coats reviews. This clipper is the first class clipper in terms of quality, standards, and all facts.

Key Features

  • The battery lasts for 80 minutes and takes 75 minutes to recharge.
  • This clipper can be used on dogs’ ears, face, feet, and toes.
  • A cordless design means that you never need to remove the charger.
  • With it, you can do all kinds of pets grooming.
  • It gives 5 in 1 one detachable blade.

Now we can say that its biggest advantage is the battery backup. Because of battery backup, you do not take the dog down in your bed and groom it. Rather, you can take the clipper wherever your dog prefers to stay.

4. Andis Power Groom 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis Power Groom Clippers

Another legendary name in the world of dog clippers is Andis. They are offering excellent dog materials gifts to dog owners. So they have brought this clipper to the market, adding many benefits. So let us start the discussion of what they are giving with this nice clipper.

Although other clippers have a 2/1 speed, they allow everyone to use the 5 speeds clippers. It will allow you to run it at the exact speed. The big advantage is that you can remove the blades. But the built-in stainless steel blades of this clipper can cut the thick coat within a moment.

You can run it in both ways, like cordless or with the cord. To run it cordless, you need to put in the battery and to run it with the cord you need to put in the tangle-free swivel cord. It remains very cool and there is low vibration in it. So it does not annoy the dog.

Key Features

  • The clipper’s adjustable blades let you set the length of each pass.
  • The blade is detachable. So it can be used for all pets
  • The 5-speed fan gives you better control over the airflow.
  • Light in weight and travel-friendly. You can carry it in your bag
  • You can operate it with a cord or without a cord

If you notice well, you will see some exceptional features of this clipper compared to other clippers. These features are really high quality. This makes the work of cutting the dogs’ thick fur even easier.

5. Wahl Pro Series Rechargeable Clipper

Wahl Pro Series Rechargeable Clipper

This is made for home grooming. Those who have dogs with a thick coat but cannot go to the dog grooming center due to lack of time can do the work of cutting the thick coat with this clipper. It is very easy to use. Just switching on the clippers, you need to move it around the body of the dog.

There is no better clipper than this for home grooming. A large number of buyers on Amazon are talking in favor of them. A high-quality lithium-ion battery has been used in it which can give you a backpack for a long time.

You can be able to operate it in both situations, like with a cord or without a cord. And its aesthetic design will delight beauty lovers. The weight of this clipper is light and this small-looking clipper is very durable. It has a plastic body that will not be damaged if it falls down on the floor mistakenly.

Key Features

  • # 1 home dog grooming clippers that are made in America.
  • Ideal for thick-coated dogs, which it works well for regardless of size.
  • Professional groomers and vets usually recommend this clipper
  • The battery is rechargeable, so you don’t have to plug it in every time.
  • You will get interesting gifts with this for giving your loved ones.

Every product of Wahl gets so much response on Amazon so hit. So far, a lot of reviews have been submitted to Amazon for all of their pet clippers. The average rating is also high even after getting a lot of reviews. It is only possible after offering such products with good quality and convenience. Those who can keep such huge people happy, obviously care about their customers a lot.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Dog Clipper for Thick Coats and Matted Hair

A dog clipper’s quality depends on some features that help to decide for buying the best clipper for thick coats and matted hair are given below:

  • Longevity: Some points should consider, longevity is one of them. A dog clipper should be chosen which has a long life span and durability, it will not easy to break going for a long period. Good quality clippers have to self sharpening blade that will be adjustable so that you can use for any types dog’s clipping.
  • Durability: A strong, hardy, durable, and less functional dog clipper you should choose so that you can use it for a long time. It will have a break resistance power, if you want to groom at home by yourself.
  • Hair Thickness: A dog that has thick hair o whole body, but the thinner hair are seen in some portion of body, then you have to choose a clipper that has two speeds, one is lower speed and the second is higher speed. The lower speed helps to cut at sensitive areas and the higher speed helps to cut through the thick hair on all body.
  • Noise Sensitivity: You should consider choosing a low vibrated clipper. Generally, Dogs are very noise sensitive, if our clipper has a loud sound and vibration; it will be more difficult to handle your dog when clipper comes to closer its sensitive body part.
  • Versatility: If a clipper has versatile features that will make a user very pleased. All skin types should remove from mind, you can replace your mind on versatile features that helps to customize as what you want for your lovable dog.
  • Professional Salon: If you have not much dog for grooming, if it’s your own personal dog. You can think, it’s not possible to go to a professional groomer is very expensive. So, you must need a clipper for your own purpose that saves your money and time.

How to Groom a Dog with Thick or Matted Hair

If you want to clean, a healthy pet, it’s needed to know how to groom a dog with thick or matted hair. For grooming properly, you can follow some steps are given below:

Step 1: Make Sure You Have All Your Tools Within Reach

You should make sure that you have all the tools that are needed for grooming. You have to know what equipments are needed for grooming that have to collect within reach. You need a brush, clipper that should have at least two for the reason of breaking. You also need dog shampoo, towels and some dog treatments handy (if your dog get heart or distracted) and a dryer before starting grooming.

Step 2: Remove Mats and Tangles

You have to Work to calm and quiet with your dog and feel him getting refresh and comfort. Before starting grooming you have to remove their mats and tangle by applying shampoo and also you can apply a detangle solution for removing those tangled or matted areas. You should remove mats before they come into contact with water.

Step 3: Pre-Bath Trimming or Clipping

After removing all the matted and tangled areas when looks to clear, its best time to trim hair. For Long-haired dog, trimming is required around the chest, hocks, belly and pads of the feet. For doing these, you need to choose a suitable clipper that suits your needs and makes your dog comfortable.

Step 4: Brushing/Combing

Make sure that you have give a well brushing to your dog before bathing that helps to remove annoying fur. After bathing, if this fur comes to contact with water, it’s not possible to clean wetted fur properly.

Step 5: Bathing

Bathing is very important to keep safe a dog. You have to wash dogs head softly. Using cotton ball during bath that helps to clean dirt from a sensitive area like ear, eye etc. Using shampoo is good for dog’s health but should be noticed so that it can’t touch the eye portion. If you can use your hand to bath, it will be better but you can wear hand gloves that make it easy to shower.

Step 6: Drying

After completing a bath with your dog, you have to use a dry towel for removing water from the dog’s body, otherwise, it may cause for sneezing affects their health badly.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of our review of all 5 clippers one after one that we have considered for today’s review. We have written as much detail as possible. That is why we have mentioned each section separately.

If you look at features and specifications, you can predict the product’s performance and usefulness. And when you will read the description, you can understand what the advantages of this product are what materials it is made of, etc.

Even if you are still confused, then you can buy any one of the clippers mentioned above. It is difficult for us to suggest you any single clipper because all of those clippers are of good quality in our opinion. It is all for today. Good luck with your thick-coat dog. Stay with us.

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