How to Train Your Dog that Accept Handling Calmly

A big part of dog training is handling a puppy who accepts it calmly. Training should start at the young age of dog’s life cycle otherwise it will be more difficult to handle an old dog acceptance. Puppies training continue within a critical period of development that ends at the age of almost 16 weeks.

A dog who can’t handle its feet as a puppy when scratch, snap or bite can’t be maintained it’s the beginning time to train to accept handling to teach manner and obedience.  When a clipper tries to trim its nails later on it will be easy to handle by gradually.

But a dog that is habited to being handled is more likely to accept it, even from an unknown stranger. It’s very necessary to train handling acceptance, when it goes to the groomer, otherwise it became aggressive doing unnatural behavior. Handling is just a way to increase skill being a social well pooch that accepts even any stranger after training.  

Dogs face a different type of handling that they accept in their lifetimes. Most of the time dogs become annoyed by child tugging their tail, restrained by a veterinarian or clipping their nails.

Make sure all these types of situations are less stressful during grooming your dog to be accepted by dog and also be easy to handle so it reacts calmly rather than with fear or aggression.

Train Your Dog with Known One

Living with a dog but you can’t touch, cuddle, or hug is just about as silly matter as you living with together at home. It is also impossible to think about that. So you can teach or help to adapt with home environment of your dog by handling or training their acceptance.  

Getting a glamour comfortable puppy that  accept  you, when you  handle it, you should start training by known one or doing this job own self. Known person easily can handle it accepting poked, hugs, groom and also be faithful to you.

Your puppy accepts to handling all parts of its body and be happy to see you.  You can ask other people who are unknown to help with handling exercises so that the new person takes time to familiar with puppy that also the part of acceptance of handling.

Practice Regularly

Handling acceptance will be easy for your dog by doing exercise regularly. In a different area, park or open yard can be used for practicing your dog twice in a day that develops the dog’s nature to accept handing.

If the dog is new one, a good dog trainer can supervise the dogs and owner acceptance that improves the handling to dog to build up a loving relationship. If your puppy be happy and comfortable during handling exercises, it‘s possible to learn to accept quickly or even enjoy being handled, hugged, and examined by medical stuff who comes along.

Teach Socialization

Dog socialization is a big deal to accept handling. Dog manner, less jumping, intelligence, seeing happy, gaming or playing skill are the important things that have to include handling training.

Spending more time and practice are needed to socialize puppies adapting a variety of peoples, kids, places or environments including handling acceptance. If you regularly practice at the same time about 4 months old, it will be social with all types of handling.

Gently Do Your Job

Train your dog slowly and gently. If your dog likes to touches its body, then start to rub belly and nourish body parts gently for handling. Speak softly and try to emotionally attach to your dog that starts to explore different type of handling acceptance.

You can play with your dog’s feet, spread toes on your hand with adorable appearance that improves your acceptance to our puppy. Using soothing tone of your voice can handle your puppy that helps to groom or veterinary treatments.

Handling Full Body

Take a few minutes on each touch on puppy, if it gets anxious or feels bore then stopped your touching, after accepting your touch dog will be handled easily.

For training you can use some training tools that control over the full body such as clicker, remotes that allowed to your puppy. If you notice puppy accept it positively to touch for handling, treat them as their happiness that may good impact on acceptance.

The purposes should be gently moved around the puppy’s whole body that effects on dogs mind controlling. You can check smoothly the puppy’s face, ears and others if it’s needed to examine. You can take more than one session for the puppies handling training on whole body until to get comfortable with this, so be patient and maintain the exercise schedule.

Move down the puppy’s body following step. For full body exercise, gently hug the puppy due to be accepted. After ensure that you’re accepting, restrain the pup, hugging and holding it easily.

Don’t Push to Accept

When working with any dog to get comfortable, don’t force your dog for handling is too bad appearance and not a good exercise it is. For controlling your dog, notice your dog to be comfortable and don’t force to accept restraining and hugging during the handling exercise.

This will be gradually acceptable to most of the puppies. You can gently touch the puppy’s tail, it’s a sensitive area and the puppy may be protective of its own genetically nature, so don’t get too close until it’s ready to accept handling.

Introduce Grooming and Veterinary Exams

Introduce your dog with grooming tools slowly. Before trimming nails sniffs the tools so that it can be interested to trim. Also others grooming tools are used to play with them for acceptance this grooming.

When they feel refresh after grooming, they start to accept it with enjoy. Introduce your dog for veterinary exams are similar to grooming. Dog faces a huge experience about several things at the vet’s office, like as being restrained, having their ears checked, teeth examined and bearing collar grabs.

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