Playing Tug of War with Your Dog: Some Easy Tips

Generally dog loves playing that create an easy training to play tug of war. It’s a game that helps to improve physical or mental health of a predatory nature’s dog. Tug of war may regular exercise for dog body movement. This game amplifies the dogs and human friendship bonding.

For continuing to play, make ensure the playing rules and parameter that creates a safe zone during playing. These rules lead the game in a right direction that may able to avoid dangerous situations that made by dog. After trained your dog properly as follows the rules, there is no reason of fear to play with your loving cute pooch.

It’s known that most of the puppies love to bite unconsciously, that possible to handle by tug of war training game. Mouthing, biting, tugging are normal fun games for a cute little puppy is controlled and trained by tug of war playing. This tug of war game helps to learn your dog to play that gives strength to human – dog bonding.

Start Commanding with Toy

Beginning to play, let’s the command with toy such as catch it, drop it or something else during to play tug of war game with your dog. Toys help to get attention of dog is able to accept commanding.

These types of command help to stop the game necessarily, even repeat the game again and again will be easy by using a fixed command. By practicing command with your dog that feel to hold your tugging toy before your release command and direction.

Toy should be made by rubber or others comfort materials that are more colorful and designed.  Toys flexibility and durability should noticed that will not the same other toys like fetch.

Fixed Rules, Toys and Place

At first fixed your suitable area is distracted, cluttered and dangerous objects free. And also select your rules and toys during teach commanding.

Dogs love to play with different tools but for the command, it should fixed same shape and sized toy that helps to easily understanding to dog. You can choose a room but ensure you have an enough space for moving. Follow the same rules to play tug of war game with your dog.

Give Rest

Sometime your dog might be tried in case of over exciting predatory habit. It’s a normal behavior but the fact is to keep away becoming excited or worried. That’s why to get rest of your loving dog are highly recommended thing.

Give break him before getting out of control during play tug of war. Take some seconds that moments are so encouraging inspires to energetic playing again of tug war game. 

Way to Play Tug of War

Teaching a dog to play tug of war game that don’t make him aggressive but we shouldn’t allow playing with Child because the excitement level during playing can be increased that is so difficult to under controlled.

It has many advantages but can be more dangerous if the way to play tug of war is unknown. Some tips that may follow for safely playing:

  • Safe Surfaces should be noticed that will not slipper, woods smooth floor are problems for a dog. Slippery surface like tiles can cause dogs injury. You have to use a rough surface such as carpet, grassy lawn or rubber floor. 
  • Let’s feel your dog to understand that it’s time to hold toy, when you command “Drop it”. Move the tug toy back and throw slightly to foster to get attention of your dog.
  • Your Dog should do most of the Work during playing tug of war. While your dog has the toy in his mouth, you have to fully engage him to game of tug gently. Doing more work your dog helping practice and exercise.
  • You have to Use A Toy That Your Dog Will Enjoy. Choosing toy is mostly important, searching a suitable toy that will be suited your dog.  If your dog sniffs the toys again that means selected the toys. Adding the cue “sit” or “down” of your command by using toys movements are important for controlling their. Naturally dogs keep their bodies low to the ground, so you should keep your tug toy low to the ground during playing.
  • Repeat the above steps regularly. If you delay presentation and practice they will forget it gradually. The game is over that means the tug toy should be kept away from it. Otherwise it will be the reason to practice forcefully.
  • Let Your Dog Win that improves their interest about playing. Dogs have different nature that vary on different dog but most of the dog like to get winning reward, so help him to be a winner during tug of war game.

Benefits of Playing Tug War Game

Playing tug is more beneficial that builds a good relationship between dog and its owner. To get highly mental and physical enrichment is the main benefit. 

Tug war playing is benefited for impulse controlling of a dog.  As a reward for a job, tug war game can be used. It also increases confidence to build exercise. This playing can motivate the strength and working ability.

Activities at Playing Time

It should be noticed that your dog will drop the tug without any hesitation and feel fearless on mind. Do practice the command during the game patiently. Notice behaviors when you teach a dog having a relax and chill mood.

Teach him different types of tricks that create interest of a dog. a dog can bite on tug accidentally two or three times, you should stop the game for that day. It’s a reason for dog’s anxiety but you have to care about its teeth. Teeth may graze many times due to nature of the game, then say to stop the game.

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