How To Care For Your Pitbull

Pitbull care is easier but trickier compared to other breeds. This friendly, energetic, and agile creature loves to be dominated by a strong leader which is the reason for it being one of the best family dogs. But the same thing doesn’t go while you treat them as guard dogs.

Pitbull are home-loving, have almost human-like intelligence and intuition, emotional, loyal, and obedient. If you are going to be a Pitbull parent or already have one, take a closer look at the steps of Pitbull care to help your cute little buddy live a happy and healthy life.

Pitbull Profile

Pitbull is the kind of breed that can be found in the near past used for hunting, baiting, etc. Though there is no concrete information about its predecessors, it is known that Pitbull is the result of a cross between bulldog and terrier.

This cross gives them the agility and aggressiveness of a bulldog and the tendency to remain close to the human at the same time. This is why Pitbull makes a great companion if you can properly train them from a very young age and handle them in tough hands.

Pitbulls are packs of energy. Average Pitbull weighs between 30-65 pounds but it has a better muscle to weight ratio than other breeds. This leaves them hungry for loads of outdoor activities regularly, deprivation of which can make them tear off your household.

Talking about the temperament of the Pitbulls, they are pretty easygoing with humans. This cancels their eligibility to be guard dogs as they start sociating with strangers. If you are in search of a good guard dog, we suggest don’t bring a Pitbull in your home as it will never do the job perfectly.

But you can definitely get a Pitbull if you are ready to give them the attention and care they need. Pitbulls are obedient and intelligent, so it is easy to train them but that should be started from a very early age otherwise it turns out to be difficult.

Pitbulls always have a special place in them for their alpha, who used to train them, feed them, care for them, give them attention, and so on. They are often seen to hang around the alpha happily unless facing any issues with health or mind.

Be sure to give a certain amount of time for Pitbull care as they will need food, exercise, and entertainment regularly. At this cost, you are going to get a friend or a family member who will stand by your side for a lifetime.

If cared for properly, Pitbull can live up to 12-13 years. But it requires a very responsible owner to handle a Pitbull as they are always eager to follow your commands. If they aren’t trained properly and handled with attention, they can become unnecessarily aggressive.

To know more about Pitbull care, please follow along where we will be revealing all the steps to give your Pitbull a life they deserve.

Pitbull Care: Different Stages

Pitbull Care

Being a Pitbull parent means going through a lot of stages where your Pitbull grows from a puppy to an adult to senior. As soon as you decide to have a Pitbull puppy, you need to take care of the following.

Give Them A Home

As we said earlier, Pitbulls are home-loving. Start by putting a dog crate in a convenient place where the puppy can feel safe and comfortable. The crate should be topped with a good dog bed so that the puppy can puddle around. This is a very basic need of your friend.

Find a suitable place to place food and water bowls for your Pitbull as they will require it regularly. Make a routine for them to eat and compel them to follow the routine. It is easier because of the natural instinct of the Pitbulls as they will start demanding food once they are habituated with the routine.

Daily Pitbull Care

Pitbulls need a lot of daily care so make a routine to maintain all the things in a timely manner. Here are the things that you need to fulfill daily.

  • Food And Water

Being an energetic animal, Pitbulls consume a lot of food every day. Be sure of providing your Pitbull with plenty of food from time to time. But not just any food or the trashes in the kitchen. You will find a lot of nutritious dry foods online.

But be careful about what you are feeding your Pittie. Pitbulls are often seen to have food allergies to certain items. They also have a sensitive stomach for which the food should be chosen with care. Pitbulls are mostly allergic to bone meal, meat by-products, corn, soy, or wheat so remember avoiding these items while you buy food for your Pitbull.

As Pitbulls are very energetic, they need to intake about 1500 calories per day as an adult and about 1000 calories per day as a puppy. Feeding everything at once might create pressure on their stomach so don’t forget to split the amount into two or three different meals that help them digest easier.

Talk with a nutritionist to make a balanced diet plan for your puppy so it grows fast and healthy. You will also need to provide enough clean water for the puppy. It is better to place their food and water bowls in a certain place that they get habituated to.

It will help them take food even if you are away.

  • Clean Food And Water Bowls

Food dishes and water bowls grow bacteria pretty quickly which can affect your Pitbull. Eating food or drinking water from a dirty bowl and cause food poisoning and other issues to your dog. So, clean the food and water bowls daily to avoid such contamination.

  • Medication

If you care for your Pitbull properly, it will not require regular medication. But if it needs so, take care of the medication of your little buddy by making a routine for that. It will help you remember whether you have done the medication right.

Consult with a licensed veterinarian if such medication is required otherwise you can harm your dog.

  • Exercise

Pitbulls are a bundle of energy, so they need a way to burn the energy regularly. Throw loads of exercise to them and they will be more than happy to handle that. This is why Pitbulls require open space to jump around.

Taking your Pitbull for a regular walk is necessary as it helps to burn off the extra energy and keep them happy and relaxed. If your Pitbull isn’t getting enough stimulation through exercise, it might get angry without any reason and harm your household.

To avoid such mishaps, Pitbulls require at least 30-45 minutes of physical exercise on an average. But you can extend it further if necessary. Look at your Pitbull and observe the response to check whether everything is okay or not.

If you are living in an apartment, it might not be a great idea to confine the dog inside. Take the dog for a walk regularly, play with some balls, or any other sort of physical exercise that keeps the dog fit and calm. This way, you will be better friends for a lifetime.

Weekly Pitbull Care

Weekly Pitbull Care

Apart from the daily responsibilities to your Pitbull, you need to give special attention to your little canine friend once a week. This should ideally be done at weekends when you have plenty of time to groom your dog.

One of the most important chores around the week is to give your dog’s bedding a thorough wash. As dogs often carry germs from outside and spread unintentionally on their bedding while sleeping or puddling, it is quite important to clean those things regularly, preferably once a week.

But if things get too messy so quickly, don’t mind washing them every 3-4 days. This will help prevent bacteria from growing in your dog’s den. Also, don’t forget to wash the blanket and toys of your dogs as they might contain bacteria too.

If things aren’t cleaned properly, your dog is most likely to spread them all over the house including food and water bowls which can cause serious issues later. So, be careful before your dog gets sick.

It will be a good idea to check your dog regularly for any irregular behavior which might be the symptom of any disease or contamination. If you see something unusual, don’t forget to contact your veterinarian for a better diagnosis.

Monthly Pitbull Care

If you think you have done everything for your dog, wait a bit. Let us introduce you to some other responsibilities that you need to fulfil to keep your Pitbull happy and healthy. Grooming your dog is one of the most crucial things, but for Pitbulls, it is much easier than most other breeds.

Pitbulls have a pretty flat coat, which is less prone to shedding. So, Pitbulls need much less effort on grooming their coat. But you need to brush your pet’s coat once every couple of weeks to prevent ticks and mites from growing on the skin.

It will also help the coat be clean from dirt and debris, resulting in a smoother and shinier coat. Plus, the bond between you and your dog will improve as Pitbulls love attention and care.

Another essential task is to clip the nails of your dog as they grow really quickly. If the nails aren’t clipped properly and regularly, they can store dirt and bacteria that might cause issues. To prevent those issues, you need to be careful to clip the nails at least once a month.

You will get a lot of accessories for nail clipping online. Find a good nail clipper set to take care of your dog at home. But if you want to spend some extra bucks, feel free to get it done by a professional groomer.

If you are doing it yourself, make sure you clean all the dirt from the paws, clip the nails and file them properly to be comfortable for your dog.

Other Pitbull care includes cleaning the ear of the puppy as wax grows so fast. Cleaning from a very early age will make the puppy familiar with the process and cause fewer problems with ear cleaning in the future. Every care related to your Pitbull should be started when they are puppies to avoid any unwanted behaviour from an adult Pitbull.

Ticks, mites, fleas are very harmful to dogs and there are plenty of preventive measures available. Make sure you apply any of those effective measures to keep your Pitbull away from mites, ticks, and fleas.

Usually, there are two types of preventives for dogs. One is to apply on the skin, and the other is to consume with food and water. Consult with your veterinarian or refer to the medicine label you are using for proper use and doses.

Half-yearly Pitbull Care

Though the list of half-yearly Pitbull care is pretty small, you need to take some big steps twice every year. This includes giving a deep clean dog housing and bedding. On top of regular cleaning, things related to your dog need to be washed and dried properly to avoid any unwanted contamination.

You should also check your household and outdoor area for something that can be harmful to your dog such as pointy edges of the fence, thorns of flowers or trees, etc. Pay extra attention to these things and make your dog’s surroundings safe.

Yearly Pitbull Care

This list is even smaller but the steps here carry special importance. The most important task on this list is to check your dog for vaccinations. Consult with your veterinarian for the required vaccination and don’t miss the schedule to give your dog a healthy life. Delaying in vaccination can cause serious trouble, which might not be healed later.

Don’t forget to take your dog through a thorough checkup once every year to find out whether it is doing good or not. Pitbulls are often less sensitive to pain, so you don’t know they are suffering until it’s too late.

To avoid such incidents, take your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup and follow the prescription properly. If you notice any unusual behaviour from the dog’s side, note that for future diagnosis and let the veterinarian know about it.

Final Verdict

Pitbulls are very intelligent and obedient, which makes Pitbull care easier. But never dare to ignore your Pitbull in terms of feeding or care or attention.

If you are sensible enough, you will find your Pitbull a happy, warm, and lovely creature that becomes your best companion.

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